Terraria - Efficient base with all NPCs, teleporter hub, and many farms

Terraria - Efficient base with all NPCs, teleporter hub, and many farms

Use should really make a terraria let’s play.
You should upload the files of this world, Loads of people may love this!
this is the best terraria base i've ever seen. tryna copy your entrance area :D
Hey I LOVE your base! I'm new to wiring but could you tell me what the statue is sitting on top of your dart battery and why is it wired? It looks like a little satellite dish right at the top corner of both ends of your dart battery. THANK YOU
you forgot 1 crafting station the empty bottle on a crafting table :)
Download que é bom nada né
At 2.09 in the video it shows a bit of how you made your unlimited liquid farm but not enough i love the design it's simple but looks good thumbs up... I hope what you're doing for the next few years goes well ill be waiting for that update
World Download Please!
please get back online join my discord channel and start streaming your COD 4 montages still get me pumped up! I've been watching for 4 years now come stream with me and my team!
How to hide the glowing mushroom and jungle biome?
This base is so perfect it makes mine look like 10 dirt blocks :P
How do you get the npcs to move into small rooms without furniture?
what server IP and all (I only got full crimson)
Hey, you should go in depth about your teleporter hub in a new video. It's one of the most complex I've ever seen, but I don't really comprehend whats going on or how it works.
Hell yeah dude! I just recently reached end game and have started getting into wiring, hoiking and base construction ideas and have been searching desperately for videos just like this. THANKS!!
Aye!! Amazing video! I really liked this video and I also love your channel :) I was hoping u could check out my channel and subscribe as I'm trying to reach 500 subs!! Keep up the great work and I would honestly love to see you around on my channel :D
You just earned a sub and a like on the video!!! Congratulations!!
Can you leave link to that simplyfied teleporter schematics please ?
ill like and sub for the save
Nice job ;-

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