Terraria - Efficient base with all NPCs, teleporter hub, and many farms

Terraria - Efficient base with all NPCs, teleporter hub, and many farms

Looks great!
could i have a basic rundown of the display? with an explanation on how it works?
cuanto tiempo te llevo hcer eso?
MAJOR OCD- get some help
This dude is like a architect or something cuz this base is so well layed out
Whats the point of the base if u have finished the game. ( but still great base)
What is this white background wall?
efficient but ugly af
This is waht we can call tryhard in terraria :)
Was the shadow paint and glowing mushroom thing patched because mine doesn’t work
Could you send me a download link please?
What is that green wall called
U should join T-MEC on the Terraria forums
How do you get the npc at the top of the vertical housing?? They keep moving to the bottom part Makin me dig under them to access them
Use should really make a terraria let’s play.
You should upload the files of this world, Loads of people may love this!
this is the best terraria base i've ever seen. tryna copy your entrance area :D
Hey I LOVE your base! I'm new to wiring but could you tell me what the statue is sitting on top of your dart battery and why is it wired? It looks like a little satellite dish right at the top corner of both ends of your dart battery. THANK YOU
you forgot 1 crafting station the empty bottle on a crafting table :)
Download que é bom nada né

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