Instructions unclear, dick stuck in SPOOKY SCARY SKELETON bones, lol happy Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
wow thanks so much it worked
-Account Suspended- ??? ;)
no money though, thats the main point of these afk farms
Explained fast and simple, on point, nice!
I like to use blue candles
i just keep deafeting the wall of flesh for 7 gold in 2 mins lol
dood that farm was so effective thanks ☺☺☺
Thx bro you were big help I never knew how to make a afk farm
Really helpful
So you can so this in evry statue??
So basically just create a floor of lava in a dark room and you’ve already done better than this guy
can u use statues to spawn mob in a specific biome such as hallow, to get hallow loots?
How do I get a 1 second timer on pc?
How do you get the skeleton statue?
im learning this beacuse i wanna get a hardmode item pre hardmode
wow lol i played this since day 1... omg never knew statues spawned
Signed By the Biggest Stoner and the best Hussy
How do I play terraria mine is like on the recycle bin
I can’t beat the wall of flesh... any tips (I’ve built a bridge across hell and I’ve put campfires and heart statues across the bridge

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