Terraria AFK Pumpkin Moon Farm Step-by-Step Build Tutorial (1.3 events)

Terraria AFK Pumpkin Moon Farm Step-by-Step Build Tutorial (1.3 events)

I did the trap, and I basically take no damage plus I can use the lunar flare
i need help... i don't know for what that slime statue is and it kills me not like yours (only 1 dmg) and the mourning woods killed me in the box
Expert mode?
I tried the slime invincibility method, it doesnt work, im on xbox 1s
When you have a terra blade and they have a razor pine
Dose this work with frost moon?
i built this trap and it started to work until other enemies went through the floor and killed me even though i had the slime thing going with honey. HappyDays please help me, also keep up the great videos man.
HappyDays , What is the point to the slime statue? Is is necessary for the trap to work and if so what dose it do? You didn’t really say why it’s there
2018?! everyone?😃😏😉
I can only makevit to wave 8
The trouble is the regen
When his character is hurt or damaged his voice reminds me of Sniffles in Happy Tree Friends like if you agree
How many times have you said nice and easy?
I did everything the same on mobile yet it doesn't work for me. The mobs just dont spawn so they dont get in the trap room. How do i make the mobs spawn?
Hi happy days, will this work on the terraria 1.3 in mobile version? I want to loot farm pumpkin moon to get the horsemans blade and the Raven staff, last time I had some kind of problem with my slime statues and the bosses keep on hitting me
When ur on mobile and 1.3 isn’t out yet ;-;
Also grumpy on mobile thinking you need blue and green wire for the other wrench's, thank you happy this is so helpful and I was wondering if it would work for the frost moon too?
Sitting here grumpy cus happy is using spook wood to build and I can't even make a helmet.
The bat statue hits the pressure plates twice each and sometimes it's random so it's not reliable and I don't want to constantly turn on the timers manually all the time...

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