Terraria AFK Pumpkin Moon Farm Step-by-Step Build Tutorial (1.3 events)

Terraria AFK Pumpkin Moon Farm Step-by-Step Build Tutorial (1.3 events)

Would this farm work for the frost moon as well?
would this work if I built it in the sky?
My bats only spawn one at a time, like only one will spawn when you press the switch
Does This Work For The Mobile Version Of Terraria
Idk why, but the bosses reach me and kill me, even with the slime statue there
You should post your world so we can download a copy and use the trap
Guys will an optic staff work
It works in the mobile version, but with a small adjustment: put another teleporter outside the wall to teleport them in
Worked great 👍 except a mourning wood got in the slime chamber i tried to attack it and killed the slimes i think you can guess what happened next...
Does the "kill rank" thing still work in 1.3
I dont have enough spike traps but a lot of spikey ball traps tho
What does the slime statue do?
Does the bird statue work??
I did the trap, and I basically take no damage plus I can use the lunar flare
i need help... i don't know for what that slime statue is and it kills me not like yours (only 1 dmg) and the mourning woods killed me in the box
Expert mode?
I tried the slime invincibility method, it doesnt work, im on xbox 1s
When you have a terra blade and they have a razor pine
Dose this work with frost moon?
i built this trap and it started to work until other enemies went through the floor and killed me even though i had the slime thing going with honey. HappyDays please help me, also keep up the great videos man.

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