Terraria AFK Dungeon Hardmode Ectoplasm Farm (1.3 new hardmode items)

Terraria AFK Dungeon Hardmode Ectoplasm Farm (1.3 new hardmode items)

step by step tutorial plz?
Is it works in 1.3.5?
How high is the vertical hole?
You don't need to use the flamethrowers just use the piranha gun against the necromancers
I will make happy fam fam art for you
All this time I thought statues were only used for decorations.
Can this work on mobile? Pls reply HD
Do you have a xbox one
i like u
What does the mimic statue do?
IDK is what i'm thinking is posible but if you build a actueitors with blocks as a 5 sec. Timer and put lava below that. Then buld a simple box for you with spear traps below (for those goast things) and flames abobe for magesand thats prety much it (i think you got it.
How do you deal with diabolists on the bottom platform
I'm fairly certain if you let the lava flow off the sides they won't spawn in the side blocks.
How do you get fire traps?
I just watched this , went back to terraria got a whsp in a bottle!!!
Make a step by step
How much wire do i need and how many buckets of lava?
Hey, I don't think necromancers can spawn on bubble blocks, because they count as "solid" blocks, so you could use bubbles to manipulate the necromancers teleporting.
Hey guys, I made this farm and it worked well, but I kept getting killed by diabolists that spawned below. Can anyone help me?

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