Tekkit - FarmCraft - Ep 27: Crop Matron, Hydration cells & Weed-Ex

Tekkit - FarmCraft - Ep 27: Crop Matron, Hydration cells & Weed-Ex

wut is the ip
should touch redpower Little Blocks for building :D
you want the tekkit sphax burebd craft texture pack?
And can you touch a bit on bulidcraft
When is the next video
Excess coal used for production of coal coke (that comes from a condenser anyway so its free) and sand at the moment
Oh, I thought you were incinerating some of your excess wheat. What is it you were incinerating?
ooooh okej. :( but tomorrow then?
Sorry but im not at home today.
can we like play tekkit to day? i dont have any thing to do :)
whanna play tekkit any time=?
ooooh :( thats not so good gooddamnit :I
My computer is a Mac so the program i use to record is called Screenium and i just use iMovie :-)
Will do the texture stuff rally want all the tekkit textures :-) Also i just made my cobble generator faster and recycled the cobble instead its much easier and, used the wheat for making bread and the seeds for seed oil production
I play it on my xbox and although i own awesomenauts on steam i'm a mac user and its a windows game...
Do you whanna play awesomenauts its on steam and real nice
You should make a whole recycling facility for your excess wheat and seeds. At least feed them into the condenser instead of incinerating them. Also you need to download the Sphax texture patches for these mods. Most of them have already been compiled into one package for tekkit.
i need to learn you more on ic2 xD

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