Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Taping Bullmastiff Ears

Taping Bullmastiff Ears

This is purely cosmetic right? I mean what's the real point?
was für n Mist !
First gotta play and calm it :)
I have been taping my bullmastiff s ears for a couple of months, 4 days I will leave the tape on and when I take it off they look lovely but only last 24 hours then they go back to the incorrect way , she is 5 months old, any advice would be appreciated thanks
At what age do you tape bull mastiffs ears
hi to perform this is there any age limit .I have a Labrador boy who's 1of the ear is flying can I fix his ears at the age of 2 years.And I have tried this earlier but my dogs ear shall be nice for a few minitues when it is calm and when he gets active his ears go back where they were .when I do this his ears go red colour and some times bleeding also pls help me out to fix my boys ears
thank you very much for this video,
So helpful! My Doberman's natural ears are trying to go wacky. Thanks!  Also I love how patient you are and how silly that puppy is! To people wondering "why  fix the ears?".... Some breeds need the right ear flop in order to be shown And I'd rather have a good looking ear flop created by a little tape than a good looking ear crop created by cutting off most of the ear.
I have a 9month is that to old to tape his ears?
my girl is 19 months... do you think her ears will fold correctly after taping her up, or is she too old?
baby oil helps remove.
I have one more question. What's the best way to remove the tape without pulling off too much of the fur? Thanks! :)
Oh my gosh, this is so funny to watch. The puppy is precious. This video is very helpful, I'm glad I came across it. Of all the techniques I have seen to tape a puppy's ears, this one looks to be the easiest - especially if you have a squirmy puppy. How long do you leave the tape on? You mentioned 3 weeks in the video, is that an accurate estimate? Would it be best to leave the tape on for a week, then remove it for a few days, then tape again, and so on until they are done teething?
Because I care, i'm the one that has to look at dog the whole life of the dog. why bother to comb your hair or put on make-up or jewelry? it's a matter of care. I care enough to want my dog's ears to lay correctly and not look incorrect.
thanks this worked on my pitbull i only did it for 2 days and now his ears sit forward shall i leave the tape on for longer?
thanks for the vid , do u think this can work on my pitbull puppy? hes 5 months old and his ears sit up like bat ers i really want them to sit forward
So is the velvet to velvet method the best for that crease? What about taping under the chin?
Yes, Sonya here. you can leave on up to 3 wks. just ck for sore ears. this puppy after 4 days was perfect! I've heard some of her brothers and sister are still in tape! the ONLY reason to take a break is if ear is fixed or ear gets sore. it's like braces on people, you take them off to soon and the teeth go right back where they were.
great vid!... very informative
this video should have been named "how to wrangle a wiggley puppy!" ~sonya

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