Livestock identification

livestock identification

National Livestock Identification System | see

Requirements on reliable solutions for livestock identification systems | see

Methods of Animal Identification | see

Tatoo Identification of Beef Cattle | see

Livestock identification in Africa: the tool box | see

Cattle Identification - The Next Generation EID tags: Host Louis Sirico | see

Livestock Identification | see

Livestock Identification System in Mongolia | see

Livestock and food traceability in Québec - MAPAQ\ATQ (PART I) | see

bioTrack - The Anytime, Anywhere Livestock Management Solution | see

LIVECARE - IoT based livestock health care monitoring service. | see

Lack of a proper livestock identification and traceability system among the pastoral communities | see

Electronic Livestock Identification | see

Ear Tagging of Goats - Easy way of identification of farm goats - Livestock Production - 009 | see

TRACES – Animal Traceability | see

Animal Identification: Benefits of RFID Tagging | see

Electronic Livestock Identification | see

Cattle RFID Ear Tag Testing | see

SAIT RADLab: Livestock tracking project | see

Cattle Electronic ID Tags and Tagging | see

Richie, Livestock Ear Tag ID. | see

Transition to electronic identification of sheep and goats | see

Animal identification and recording for animal tracking and disease control in Australia | see

Livestock identification at Shy | see


Leading in Cattle Identification | see

Grass-Fed Cattle Pasture Management | see

How to Apply Cattle Tags | see

Cattle identification technology and Australian Feedlots | see

Laikipia County to fit identification devices on livestock | see

National Animal Identification System - Part 1 | see

Protecting your SFP - Cattle Identification & Registration Inspection | see

Zee Tags RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in Dairy Cows | see


James Molesworth on the benefits of electronic tagging | see

KMR Livestock Europe [ Cattle Export - Import - Breeding ] | see

Protecting Mongolian Herders from Climate-Related Losses | see

UHF RFID Solution for Livestock Management - AniTrace, div. of HANA Micron America Inc. | see

How to Judge Dairy Cattle | see

Ben and Meera speak about the benefits of electronic tagging for sheep | see

Winter Ceremony 2017 at NLIS | see

NLIS as a management tool (episode 1) | see

New Mexico Livestock Board Premises Registration | see

Lifetime Traceability | see

NLIS Winter Ceremony Full 2017 | see

Animal Identification and Registration System | see

RFID in Livestock | see

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