Harvest army church prophecies

harvest army church prophecies


Prophecy - Major EARTHQUAKE shakes USA shortly 6.5.17 (Now MONTANA 5.8 on 7.6.17) | see

PROPHECIES: School, Pope, Shopping, Sea, Celebrity, Cameroon, UK, Israel, Germany, Children 6.20.17 | see

PROPHECY: Mercenary Terrorist, Politician Putin, Settlement, Jezebel, Accusation, Journey 11.26.17 | see

Beware! East USA Major FLOOD Prophecy | see

Prophecy - HARVEST ARMY 8.20.17 | see

Gripping PROPHECY ALERT! b/f 27 Killed @ TEXAS CHURCH 11.8.17 | see


Prophecy, GREAT CITY Destroyed | see

Prophecy - SPIRIT of DEATH Looms 9.4.17 See DESCRIPTION | see

Prophecy - Shocking ROUND MOUNTAIN ISLAND or ROCK lands on EARTH 7.21.16 | see

About Gripping PROPHECY of Apocalyptic HURRICANE HARVEY FLOOD USA 8.30.17 See DESCRIPTION | see

Worst CHURCH SHOOTING Ever 27 Dead 24+ Injured 11.5.17 (prophecy) | see

PROPHECY: Tent, Airline, Government, Cambodia, Africa, Earthquake New York, Beauty 11.14.17 | see

PROPHECIES: Leprosy, Boy Demon, Vehicle Law, Female Minister, Contrary, Train 1.4.17 | see

Prophecy: GATHERING before the FAMINE 12.25.17 | see

Mysterious 'FLASHING LIGHTS' Prophesied! May 16, 2017 | see

PROPHECIES: Deadly DISEASE USA; COST of Lukewarm DUTY 8.30.17 | see

Prophecy: '9 MONTHS 8 DAYS' Astonishment! | see

Apocalyptic EBOLA EPIDEMIC | 6 Gripping PROPHECIES by Harvest Army Church | see

Paul Begley - EBOLA Prophecy Fulfilled - By Harvest Army Church 10.1.14 | see

How to Receive The GIFT OF PROPHECY | see

PROPHECY: US Churches Close Down | see

"Apocalyptic Island" Prophesied At Harvest Army Church | see

New York City "Harvest Army Church" One More Move "Revival" | see

PROPHECY: STAR Explodes! MOON Shakes! Spins! | see

PROPHECY: Church Massacre; Anthrax; The DAY Cometh; Forbidden Fruit | see

PROPHECIES: CARIBBEAN Flood; MYLES MUNROE Death; WORLD Revival; 24TH Anniversary | see

Harvest Army 'Visionary' LIVE on WORD NETWORK releasing "'WORLD VISION DAY" & "'PROPHETIC OPERATION" | see

PANAMA 30,000 Member Church receive GIFT of PROPHECY with HA World Visionary | see

Harvest Army PROPHECY SUMMIT - Part 1/5 | see

PROPHECIES: Drowning, New York Road Assault, Israel, Jamaica, Bizarre Blunders, Harms Way 10.15.17 | see

Prophecy: GAS STATION Tragedy 3.12.17 | see


Gripping PROPHECY of CHURCH MASSACRE! Prevention, Solution | see

PROPHECY ALERT: Harvest Army "Major Storm On USA Shortly" | see

5.10.14 TV Program | JEKALYN CARR; PROPHECIES; God's Revival Gathering | see

Iran "New Missiles" Prophecy Now! Repent! | see

Harvest Army PROPHECY SUMMIT Part 2/5 | see

The GIFT OF PROPHECY - Panama World Conference (TV) 2.2.17 | see

Harvest Army PROPHECY SUMMIT Part 4/5 | see

'PEARLS OF PROPHECY' pt 1: Harvest Army | see

Amazing "Harvest Army Prophesied Taiwan Quake" 6.7 (Pray For Taiwan) | see

Beware, True PROPHECIES are Not! OPTIONAL 11.3.17 | see

The "GIFT OF PROPHECY" Shakes the WORLD, C. AMERICA, PANAMA 1.8.17 | see

Prophecy: CHURCH PROPERTY 3.12.17 | see

Prophecy - EARTHQUAKE, EBOLA BAT Disease; WV-DAY 2; Enlightened CHURCH | see

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