Harvest army church

harvest army church

PROPHECIES 3.12.18 | see

EXPEL the Spirit of JEZEBEL 1.29.18. | see

PROPHECIES: Restaurant, Billy Graham Dead, Mexico, Asia Earthquake, Airline, Beauty Parlor 12.17.17 | see


Evangelist ANGELA CUMMINGS @ HARVEST ARMY NYC 12.14.17 World's Most Traveled EVANGELIST | see

Prophecy: GATHERING before the FAMINE 12.25.17 | see

Harvest Army Live | see

Harvest Army Live | see

"Apocalyptic Island" Prophesied At Harvest Army Church | see

LIVE - Harvest Army | see

Harvest Army Live | see

Pastor Arrives In New York "Time For Revival" Harvest Army Church International | see

Fire Watch. Harvest Army Church International Convention | see

New York City "Harvest Army Church" One More Move "Revival" | see

The Great Call. Harvest Army Church Int'l. | see

New BRAZIL HARVEST ARMY CHURCH - Fathers Day 6 19 16 | see



Pastor of BRAZIL Harvest Army Church, ORDAINED by New York Bishops 7.17.16 | see

Debut of "HARVEST ARMY YOUTH ORCHESTRA" 6.11.17. | see

Harvest Army 'Visionary' LIVE on WORD NETWORK releasing "'WORLD VISION DAY" & "'PROPHETIC OPERATION" | see

5.10.14 TV Program | JEKALYN CARR; PROPHECIES; God's Revival Gathering | see

Paul Begley - EBOLA Prophecy Fulfilled - By Harvest Army Church 10.1.14 | see

New BRAZIL Harvest Army CHURCH Mission Building 2.17.18 (Join Us) | see

HARVEST ARMY CHURCH INT'L T.V. Program 8.2.16 | see

Harvest Army Christian Chorale | see

Harvest Army Christian Chorale | see

Pastor E E Collins, Harvest Army Church International | see

Donnie McClurkin Only you are Holy Savlamar,Jamaica Harvest Army Church Convention | see

TGGY'15 Kick Off NIGHT | see

Fulfillment! 'KEYS' for NIGERIA Harvest Army Church (NEW BUILDING) 2.24.18 | see

HAITI - ‘KEYS’ for New HARVEST ARMY Church after Many SOULS SAVED, 2.27.18 | see

Jamaica baptism Harvest Army | see

Prophecy - HARVEST ARMY 8.20.17 | see

Evangelist Angela Cummings-Harvest Army Church-Passion for the Lamb! | see

Harvest Army Christian Church | see

World Wide Vision Day . Lagos, Nigeria. Harvest Army Church Int'l | see

Harvest Army PROPHECY SUMMIT - Part 1/5 | see

Puerto Rico Open Air Revival. Harvest Army Church International. Pastor Mena. World Vision Day. | see

Personal Invite from Evangelist Cummings to Unexpected Gathering at Harvest Army church | see

'HARVEST ARMY' Children Street Preach! with Canada DAVID LYNN in New York 6.2.17 | see

GEORGIA, ATLANTA Ablaze! - WORLDWIDE VISION DAY *7.7.18* Harvest Army & World Outreach Churches | see

"FILL GOD'S HOUSES" 6.4.17 (evening) | see

Bay Plaza Shopping Center. World Vision Day. Pre-emption. Harvest Army Church International | see

Head for the hills. Tent Revival. Jamaica. Harvest Army Church Int'l | see

Harvest Army Church..Evangelist Angela Cummings..May 29, 2016 | see

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