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Attn: All Subscribers Go to Harvest Army Channel! | see

HARVEST ARMY CHURCH INT'L T.V. Program 8.2.16 | see

Harvest Army channel sharing Revival tonight in NYC | see

What it Takes to be a Soldier in the Army of Christ - THIS IS WAR - Motivational | see

Harvest Army Channel-Report on Italy Train Crash | see

"PAUL BEGLEY" - TIME SQUARE NYC - 'WORLD REVIVAL' Convention - Harvest Army Arena Aug 5 - 26 | see

In Honor of CHRIST - Paul Begley, Amazing 'Harvest Army' Prophesied TAIWAN QUAKE' 6.7 (114 Dead) | see

"Fire Woman" (Angela Cummings) & "Harvest Army" in New York for "World Vision Day" Preemption | see

UNSTOPPABLE MECH Army! Defend the Base! (Iron Harvest 1920+ Gameplay Part 2) | see

Harvest Army (Crusade Jan 10, 2016) | see

You Must Die In Order To Live! @HarvestArmy | see

Evangelist ANGELA CUMMINGS releases 1st Book @ Harvest Army in New York (Congratulations) | see

Harvest Army Church..Evangelist Angela Cummings..May 29, 2016 | see

New York City "Harvest Army Church" One More Move "Revival" | see

Evangelist ANGELA CUMMINGS @ HARVEST ARMY NYC 12.14.17 World's Most Traveled EVANGELIST | see

9.3.17 Sunday Morning Service Live-Harvest Army God's Revival Center | see

'PEARLS OF PROPHECY' pt 1: Harvest Army | see

Flames of fire (Harvest Army) | see

"The Great Gathering" Harvest Army Church New York Jan. 18-Feb. 11 2015 | see

Lets join Harvest Army! On World Vision Day! | see

'HARVEST ARMY' ..Over 100..Dated....'PREDICTIONS' .....up to July 2012: See CARIBBEAN EARTHQUAKE | see

New CONVERT Trumpets in LOUISIANA for WORLDWIDE VISION DAY 2.9.19 See Description (Nikki Pratt) | see

World's most traveled Evangelist ANGELA CUMMINGS releases 1st Book @ HARVEST ARMY 12.11.16 | see

SOUL Salvations @ "HARLEM ADVANCE" , Harvest Army City Church | see

Evangelist Angela Cummings-Harvest Army Church-Passion for the Lamb! | see

Donnie McClurkin Only you are Holy Savlamar,Jamaica Harvest Army Church Convention | see

Global anointing & connection. Tent. Revival. Holy Spirit. Harvest Army Church Int'l. Jamaica. | see


Apocalyptic EBOLA EPIDEMIC | 6 Gripping PROPHECIES by Harvest Army Church | see

"Apocalyptic Island" Prophesied At Harvest Army Church | see

Harvest Army Church "Bishop K.D. Collins Winds Of God's Revival" | see

Sao Paulo, BRAZIL Explodes! PASTOR for HARVEST ARMY CHURCH & NYC Harvesters - Street 4.17.19 | see

8.20.17 Sunday Morning Service Live-Harvest Army God's Revival Center | see

Head for the hills. Tent Revival. Jamaica. Harvest Army Church Int'l | see

Head for the hills. Tent Revival. Jamaica. Harvest Army Church Int'l | see

Harvest Army Victory a Church. Embracing the revival with Bro. Courtney's Joshua Hour. | see

Amazing "Harvest Army Prophesied Taiwan Quake" 6.7 (Pray For Taiwan) | see

Harvest Army World Vision Day... April 4th, 2015 Promo/Scotland missionary | see

Eastern USA (America) Prophecy - Harvest Army ( Power Outage Computer Hack? Tsunami? Nuclear? ) | see

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