Farming with mules

farming with mules

The Jerrys Farm - Mule Powered Farming in Kentucky | see

Farming with Mules | see

Von Shuler with his Plow Mule "Jane" | see

Logging with Mules at Leta's Iberia Farm Dec. 2013 | see

Mules pull a plow on a field and a farmer stands on the plow in the United Stat...HD Stock Footage | see

Driving Mules With Farmer Bob | see

Farming Takes Skill ~ 1954 Frith Films; Mule-Drawn Farm Implements | see

Mules Plowing Woodbury Tenn. | see

Farmer in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania | see

Mules Sowing Oats in Tennessee | see

Mules Discing Short Mountain Tenn. | see

Mules and donkeys on the farm | see

Amish farming with antique plow and Belgian horses | see

Feeding Cattle with Draft Mule Power | see

Amish farmer five mules with honey wagon Amish country | see

T. Cross Farm on Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse | see

Plowing with mules | see

Amish man picking corn with mules. Lancaster co. | see

The Sound of Silence - Mules Mowing Hay | see

When a farmer's mule escapes the Amish shoeing barn | see

Mules Mow Hay in Woodbury TN | see

Plowing with the Mules | see

Horse Plowing With Farmer Bob | see

North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association State Championship Plowing Contest 2012 | see

Spring Ground Breaking with Some Kentucky Mules | see

No Gasoline Farmer! | see

OLD TIME PLOWING at Edgerton mules & huge tractor tubalcin | see

George & Junior Plowing with Mules | see


Rural Farming with Draft Horses and Mules using the Plow | see

Amish 12 Horse Hitch Pulling a 4 Bottom Plow | see

Walking Plows Plowing with Draft Horses, Mules and Oxen | see

Mules Plowing Woodbury TN (Part 3) | see

Amish farmer eight mules | see

North Carolina Work Horse and Mules Association State Championship Plowing Contest 2013 | see

2017 Plow Day at Tom Renner's Farm | see

Farm Livin with Papa 7 - Mares, Mules, and Jackasses (Oh My) | see

Economics of Draft Animal Power | see

mules plowing | see

Mules Plowing Woodbury Tenn. (Part 2) | see

Saddle Mules and Horses at Hollis Farms "Checkin Fences" | see

Plowing with mules. | see

How to farm Lv33 Mules | see

2015 Draft Horse & Mule Plow Day (full) | see

Mule-Powered Farming: The California Report | see

Mules Plowing | see

Mule Plowing Fall of 2010 | see

Plowing with Mules at John C. Campbell Folk School | see

Fancy Farm Mules | see

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