Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Cattle sales 2014

cattle sales 2014

Jim's Cow sale 2014 | see


Cattle Auctioneer Rapper | see

2014 UPI Bucyrus Fat Cattle Show and Sale | see

Lanark Auction Mart Show and Sale of Store Cattle Tuesday 3rd March 2015 | see

Roma Cattle Sale | see

Malton Cattle Market - 2014 | see

CCM Auctions Skipton Store Cattle Sale Wednesday 7th January, 2015 | see

Hexham Mart Store Cattle Sale Highlights March 6th 2014 | see

Ovn Cattle Sales Aka Oban Cattle Sales (1922) | see

1300 calves from North West Cattle Company Sell in 35 Minutes at VJV Dawson Creek | see

Longtown Mart Pedigree Sheep inlamb sale and Store Cattle Sale Jan 21st 2014 | see


Selling the feeder cattle 1 | see

8 year old cow sells for £3,350 in Brecon cattle sale, September 2014 | see

Darlington Mart Store Cattle Sale October 27th 2014 | see

KMR Livestock Limousin Cattle Farm - Spring 2014 from grassLand | see

Longtown Kirkcambeck Store Cattle Sale October 18th 2014 | see

Wulf Cattle Opportunity Sale of 2014 Highlights | LimousinLive | see

Selling cattle in west Tx!!!! | see

Store and Breeding Cattle Sale 14th March 2014 | see

Young Cattle Auctioneer Champion - America's Heartland | see

Cattle sales | see

2018 Cattle Sale | see

Dubbo store cattle sale 150716 | see

Knippling Cattle Bull Sale 2014 | see

SNOW Video / Select Cattle Dog Sale Promo | see

Longtown Mart Store Cattle Show and Sale October 4th 2014 | see

Hopes of Wigton Auction Mart Cattle Breeding Sale May 9th 2013 | see

Cautious but solid Hay cattle sale | see

Cattle sales | see

2014 Cardinal Cattle Co Bull Sale Lot 12 | see

Iowa Beef Expo Sale Heifer - JJB Cattle Co. | see

Cattle Auction | see

Sale of OTM Cattle at Bakewell Market - Monday 24th February 2014 | see

Taking Cattle to the Sales Barn | see

Cattle Sale Barn - America's Heartland | see

2014 Cardinal Cattle Co Bull Sale Lot 10 | see

Longtown Mart Special Store Cattle Sale August 16th 2014 | see

Hereford Cattle for Sale from Romany Herefords at Hereford Mart April 15th 2014 | see

Kirkby Stephen Mart Cattle with calves at foot | see

2014 South Boorook Herefords Bull Sale Preview | see

Pre Sale Show of Store Cattle at Hexham Mart March 6th 2014 | see

USDA-AMS-LGMN National Feeder Cattle Summary 10-24-2014 | see

Purple Premium Cattle Sale, 2016 | see

2014 Cardinal Cattle Co Bull Sale Lot 16 | see

Conley Sale 2014 Cork Cattle Consignments Tag 11 | see

Backgrounding Cattle 2014: Developing Replacement Heifers | see

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