Cattle roping

cattle roping

Calf Roping - 1st Go Round Slack - Cheyenne Rodeo - July 19, 2017 | see

TEACHING Beginners HOW to ROPE | see

Herding and Roping Cattle the Old Fashioned Cowboy Way | see

CFR 2013 Championship Sunday Team Roping | see

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Paradise Ranch Cattle Work | see

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Vaquero, Californio, Buckaroo, Ranch Roping, Hackamore Horse Calf Branding | see

Doctoring yearlings 2017 | see

Tie Down Roping - 2013 NFR Round 10 | see

Branding Cattle | see

Highlights of 10 NFR Calf Roping | see

3x Record-Breaking Round - 97 NFR Calf Roping | see

2014 AGRA Calf Roping On Foot | see

Team Roping/Cattle branding Rez Style | see

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2016, Calf Roping On Foot, Hot Rodeo | see

Roping maverick cattle in South Texas | see

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Working it Out | see

Vaquero Cattle Roping Demonstration at Santa Ynez 11/12/16 | see

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For this rodeo kid, roping is a way of life | see

rene and captain hook roping cow horse accidents | see

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