9 pigs vs tannerite

9 pigs vs tannerite

9 hogs blown up by tannerite slow mo | see

Hog Control with Tannerite | see

Hogs and Tannerite | see

You Better Watch This Before Shooting a Fridge Packed with Tannerite | see

Hunting Hogs Texas Style | Extreme Feral Hog Control | see

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Pig Bomb - Pig Population Control | see

Tannerite Hog Explosion in Thermal and Thermal Hog Kill Shots | see

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When Pigs Fly...A Tannerite Story | see

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Big pig blown up with tannerite | see

200 lb hog vs 8 lbs tannerite | see

Hog hunting in Texas | see

Dead pig vs tannerite | see

Tannerite helps Hog find 72 virgins | see

A new way of hog hunting | see

Stupid Rednecks Hunting Wild Hogs Using Explosives | see

Tent City Tannerite Pig BOMB!!! | see

60 Hogs Down | Feral Hog Eradication with the Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Scope | see

Tannerite gone wrong | see

Blowing up hogs with Tannerite! This is the REAL DEAL! | see

Tannerite making pigs fly | see

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Tannerite on an Arrow - Will it Work? | see

107 Hogs Down | Hog Hunting with Thermal Night Vision in Texas | Zeus Pro 640 | see

Pork & Tannerite | see

Pig Head Vs. 1lb of Tannerite | see

Pig + Tannerite | see

Tannerite pig part uno | see

2lbs Tannerite vs Pig Trough | see

Tannerite + Pig | see


Oink Oink BOOM!! Wild hogs vaporized with homemade Tannerite. | see

Hog explosion | see

Tannerite Hog Blast 10-20-2013 | see

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Tannerite Piggies | see


Hogs Wild - Fighting the Feral Pig Problem - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official] | see

tannerite pig head | see

Flying pig | see

Tannerite VS Dead Hog | see


Blowing up hogs with Tannerite!!! Please watch and rate. This stuff is AWESOME | see

Tannerite Pigs | see

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