Symptoms of Bloat in Poor Dog – Here His Rescued Story How He Was Saved

Symptoms of Bloat in Poor Dog – Here His Rescued Story How He Was Saved

The poor baby bog im crying like how did the dog get like that😫😫
Somebody can explain me what happened to her belly?
Parece aquela cena do Shrek que ele assopra os animais aí o animal vira uma bexiga .
As an evil cat person I would like to send my regards to the dog lovers
How the fuck...
Y porque no mejor le dieron diuretico???
Porque a lo invasivo directamente???
Poor Dog
The dog is in fucking pane helpxxx
I hope he get better
I would have sedated both puppies and slowly released the gas, after removing fluid. I would have also rotated the pups for organ function health. I am a vet tech, so I know why they used the grids, but i would have placed the pups on a towel and not have had them suffer this long, due to long term damage of organs! Great job on getting the job done, but i would look up faster solutions. I don't know what is available in your country, but just a suggestion to update treatment plans.
Poor dog balloon 🙁🙁🙁
Suelten la malditos
Esta embarazado alv :v
A book for London Calling
Wait this guy is thai ._.

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