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It is NOT a sustainable farming! Why? Because it needs Too Much Water! What if no rain? What is a sustainable farming? No water to collect a manure! No energy to make a gas!
Thanks for the vid. Ive been drinking Fair Oaks milk for awhile now and never knew this.
I've been there before! It was a pretty neat place. Nice to know they're trying to be more sustainable.
Isn't this biogas? natural gas is a fossil fuel formed over millions of years
Good stuff indeed, hopefully they can also use the gas for generators and heating, farms like this do have an awful lot of extra costs.
But that 19 million probably means they will be balancing on the edge of foreclosure for the next 20 years or so, banks really don't mind giving you an impossible loan that ultimately means they get your farm.
cool video
Good that you have solved the waste issue, but have you teached the cows to hold in their farts as well? Since cow farts seems to be the big issue with global warming and all...
That calf holding place looked hella sad, would suck to sit there for your whole life and then get your throath slit open one day so that someone can drink your mothers milk. But people don't care ey, gotta get that kalcium, and bitch tits, right?
This is the start of eliminating waste and convert it into green gold
"that, potentially, could be a contaminate to the environment" he won't even mention the over-saturation of nitrates in soil that is "fertilized"... did you know that even inhaling a high oxygen content atmosphere can cause death? There is such a thing as too much of a good thing (be it fertilizer or oxygen or sugar)
licks ice cream "i've been seeing cows poop on this farm all day today!" licks more ice cream
Advantage of mass capital investment. Also possible in developing nations if the farmers form a cooperative model to invest in such a large bio-digester.
This is amazing, but it makes you wonder if they're able to compete and be profitable with this type of integration.

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