SuperStar LED Grow Cabinet By SuperCloset

SuperStar LED Grow Cabinet By SuperCloset

“Fruits vegetables herbs and spices”😂😂
High end. Beautiful.
STOP BUYING GROW BOXES GUYS PLEASE. If you're capable and have some common sense skills you can build your self a really nice one, and I'm not talking some ghetto janky setup
Overpriced filing cabinet with some lights basically. GTFOH with that shit
so whay happens when it gets too big to fit in here?
Yall sould do a give away
Fruit, vegetables, and spices lol. It's like going to a smoke shop, that sells nothing but bongs and you can only mention smoking "tobacco".
can you ship to australia?
No one is using to grow vegetables or spices. I’m pretty sure 99% of your customers are Çannabis growers 😉
Loved this Video..
If you want to grow Christmas trees lol 🤣
Looks expensive.
What about the smell is there a smell?
Do they have a soil version?
Will all 16 seeds have a successful harvest in the locker if grown at once
When he said vegetables I started lmao litterly
can i buy one of these and u can ship it to switzerland? can u pls contact me :)?thank you
This is pretty cool, I went with Cloudponics. It is pretty big but I love it so far. I am doing my first grow on my channel if anyone interested in checking it out!
The question on everybody's mind: how much is this gonna set me back?

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