SuperStar LED Grow Cabinet By SuperCloset

SuperStar LED Grow Cabinet By SuperCloset

"and extremely discrete"
* full blast purple glow *
This is bullshit! Look the ligt...there nit straight.. this total nonsens!
yeah....I'm using this for herbs and spices
Seems like it leaks light like a mf
u know they have no freaking clue about growing hanging a freaking kind led in there aka a cheap ass china led resell "made in usa" bullshit with uber outdated diods.
fucking money ripping scumbags
What a joke. Unless you love throwing money away on a pos gimmick
beautifully engineered, great job team!
What a beautifully engineered system
Does anyone know how much electricity this will use? Will it be obvious in my bills with a sudden high rise in use? what are u think about this ???
How dank will my bud be if I get this
Is this a joke
so this is 1000 dollars. You can make your own in about 10 mins for about 250 dollars. This is really not worth your money.
Yes but can you grow cannabis in this?
“Fruits vegetables herbs and spices”😂😂
High end. Beautiful.
STOP BUYING GROW BOXES GUYS PLEASE. If you're capable and have some common sense skills you can build your self a really nice one, and I'm not talking some ghetto janky setup
Overpriced filing cabinet with some lights basically. GTFOH with that shit

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