SuperStar LED Grow Cabinet By SuperCloset

SuperStar LED Grow Cabinet By SuperCloset

can you ship to australia?
No one is using to grow vegetables or spices. I’m pretty sure 99% of your customers are Çannabis growers 😉
Loved this Video..
If you want to grow Christmas trees lol 🤣
Looks expensive.
What about the smell is there a smell?
Do they have a soil version?
Will all 16 seeds have a successful harvest in the locker if grown at once
When he said vegetables I started lmao litterly
can i buy one of these and u can ship it to switzerland? can u pls contact me :)?thank you
This is pretty cool, I went with Cloudponics. It is pretty big but I love it so far. I am doing my first grow on my channel if anyone interested in checking it out!
The question on everybody's mind: how much is this gonna set me back?
how safe is it (has anyone had one set fire) and how long will the lights last
Tudo maconheiro
What website can i buy this from
I can make that for 100 bucks
There a major flaw. You can't take clones from the plant below unless you're 100% sure it female. Also it ridiculous to 16 plants in that small space. Other than that it almost pretty good.
I wanna make sex with the box i wanna rimm her deep and perv 💖 untill shes coming ooohhh yeah
Lmao that's a gun safe
they need this in australia!

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