Superchill - Building Farms - Tracks

Superchill - Building Farms - Tracks

Tom next time you should maybe have a cluster of woodlands and call it like spooky woods or something like that!
I had a mental breakdown last night trying to draw (because i made the stupid ass decision of aiming for a career in animation, woopee) and now i'm trying again listening to this and i feel a lot more patient and more chilled out. Sure my work isn't coming out perfect, but it's actually something. last night i couldn't stand any remotely imperfect line. now... its going a lot better! so thanks man! this is perfect to listen to whilst working!
Aw :) I'm really glad tom and Ben are the real duo.
I love how you said: "dont worry if you fall asleep" because thats exactly what Iuse superchill for. Napping with my cats and dogs. You have a very soothing voice Thomuscc
Danvers State? Call of Cthulhu vibes :P
theres something very 'bob ross' about these lol
is that aphex twin i hear?
How do you get this game? Please
Man, this is sips playing towns, but on even more muscle relaxants.
I am one of those people that actively watches tree placement...
How did you get started at Yogs Towers Inc.?
im going to watch this going to bed every night until im 30 and move out of my mom's basement
I have never seen so many houses in 1 area but I still really like your videos
Hey Tom, I really like the superchill series. I really enjoyed your Warhammer epic story! it was great! I've had similar experiences. I'm really liking your style here, it's very much like Sjin's older videos, and I'm looking forward to your next superchill videos. I would recommend maybe Stardew valley, dawn of discovery, or other city building sandbox games. The only feedback I have is maybe varying the chill music a bit.
Couldn’t be a bigger fan of this!
Please do more of these!
Tom, have you seen the wintery update?
This music tho
"Hat Films are up to something" truly a terrifying notion

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