Supercharged 1965 Oliver 4x4 Tractor w/ Monster Truck Tires

Supercharged 1965 Oliver 4x4 Tractor w/ Monster Truck Tires

A later model of the
"El Toro" with heading a top the grill and a great walk around video of a great restoration 😎
On the school bus to school in Berne Ny there was a farm with a green one and yellow one ,I was about 8 years old and would always look for them.And knew they where 4 wheel drive which there weren't many back in the day ,now like pickups most are 4x4s
Sharp looking tractor !
Nice find. Toy Tractor Times made a 1/16 and 1/64 Toy of the El Toro.
I love all Detroit diesels and this is a beautiful tractor that is not a supercharger there's a blower used to scavenge not create boost
Nice someone that pronounces diesel properly.
i could use a set of those tires on some of the back roads people around here live on, i swear some of them are just paved with potholes.
When Oliver first came out with the Terra Tire package their original intent was to try to get some of the market share taken up by crawler tractors out in the hilly wheat producing areas like the Palouse region of Washington. The wide tires were meant to keep it stable while doing hillside work. Chances are that isnt a "true" El-Toro because the only tractors badged that way from the factory were in a batch of tractors sent to Mexico and Central America. Any of the tractors sold in the US and Canada didnt have the El-Toro decal on them. However, when guys restore them they usually add it because it just looks bad a$$.
That is a factoy made el toro
That should give you some ideas on how to do Ethan's Mini Dozer
Very nice indeed Jeff !
cool tractor
Great video! Those Detroit 2 stroke tractor engines have a sound all of their own. I have a video on my page of an older Oliver with one and a straight pipe pulling at a tractor pull.
Something you don't see everyday. Very cool! :)
The Hulk !
Man, I want to take that out in a field right now! LOL!! That is really cool!
Great vid bud
No more traffic jams
That thing sure won't be getting stuck any time soon. That's nuts! Very cool find Jeff.

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