Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Successful Hydroponics agriculture in Punjab,india

Successful Hydroponics agriculture in Punjab,india

भाई हिंदी में बताते तो बड़ा अच्छा रहता।
cab you please share his contact details
Hello how do you avoid root rot in hydroponics as I don’t see you are using any special temperature management systems or any special hygiene precautions like shown in most of the US videos
I'm proud if u sir. Let me know ur adress, I wanna visit there once. N this is my contact no 9945625111
Waoooo Ur doing really great 😊 🙏 may god bless ur dad faster n sooner .
How to contact you sir.? Need your assistance regarding hydroponics.
Can I get your contact number praji
excellent effort.all people should adopt soil less farming.
How do I buy the learners kit from you?
Great work done. Do you buy nutrients? Is there a way to make natural liquid nutrients at home ourselves for this system? Also can we do it on open rooftop with only some netted shades on it?
Will you please tell me your place to visit
Is liye to punjabi is best
Sorry sir but we can't listen clearly ur talk
Stay blessed. Thank you for sharing it.
Mr. Somveer, it's an excellent, educative, water-saving, knowledge-giving and money-making video. I may want to contact you one of these days for help on this.
Impressive.. this is why we tamil people always respect Punjabi farmers.. singh is king.. 🙏🙏🙏
Great work, want to visit at your place to see all things.
One more thing want to know that ro water is necessary or there is any specs for that
awesome but want to ask is this system is safe for health?

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