StoneBlock EP15 Mystical Agriculture Questline Destruction

StoneBlock EP15 Mystical Agriculture Questline Destruction

How does he light up the whole sphere? .... :D
The alchemical bags are all linked by color, so if you lose a green bag and you have a bunch of stuff in it, you can craft another one and get everything back.
throw a stack of growth accelerators underneath your dragon and nether star farm.
hey sys in stoneblock you know there is awakened draconium chickens and seeds right
Hope you feel better soon man.
Will you start whit Avaritia?
good video btw
For the tier 6 seeds you can make a really fast old school farm like you did in Sky Factory 3 back in the day
The level of that furnace is over 9000!!!
Cloches are so cheap! Such an unfun way of automating it.
MystAgrad Cloche Compat…
cyclic harvester should be quite good for these tier 6 crops. i've didn't tested it on them, but for wheat it produces massive number of seeds, much higher than number of wheat (so it imo better source of seed than cloche, mostly used for chickens so probably no need as you made them already, right?) so maybe it also will be a good thingy to multiply your tier 6 seeds instead of crafting each of them?
Cloches generate the most lag in the entire pack :v
I'm currently playing the pack as well and I have a problem with the reborn storage crafter multiblock: It seems to ignore the CPUs.
if you do botania automate the ore flower i forget what its called orechid or something
Where is Enigmatica?
you should invest in mekanism they have really fast pipes and cables
U can try to grow it in the cloches at the dirt system(May work, May not)
The autojump is from the armor, and cannot be disabled
lol you were so scared when you were puttinng patterns inside the crafter , even if you shift click a random thing in it it wont go , only patterns will
you have something that allows you to repair your items

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