❌ Stock Market Shows Several TRIGGERS in 2018 To Set Off A Major Market Meltdown!

❌ Stock Market Shows Several TRIGGERS in 2018 To Set Off A Major Market Meltdown!

The market is weak. But have no fear because the Fed will step in. No wait, this time is different. No wait, the economy is doing well...


What do you think is really going on?
"...You always show weird numbers on charts and stuff....and...umm..nothin ever happens bro..."

Hahaha just kidding
Hi Money GPS I have a question. Since we the common people do not know when the crash hits and only the "elites" will know, how does any information on a possible collapse help us since we do not know what stocks to invest in that will survive if or when the true downturn and recession hits?
It is always your predictions that habitually comes to a crash but you keep on persevering to your lies and off the mark predictions. Just what are your motives?
They know exactly when to pinch the balloon. Since the excuses for a crash are all over the place at anytime.
How about a tax per trade, would that help slow down trades to more normal speeds?
Thank you. Very important information. Please update weekly or bi-weekly as this extra important to verify, if this markers trigger. Or better say at how much percent this marker comes near to 100% - comparing with the real-time-crash-panic.

And then - of course we need this markers featured, when the turn around happens. I would understand the turnaround as a ETF-buy-signal for my portfolio.

Thank you again for this information. I didn't know, this statistics existed.
What you all think is that the market manipulator computers have a base algorithm that keeps the stock market afloat. Nope, this is deep state, deep web control through some figure or asset. Haha and intellectual demagoguery, somehow David still speaks
What are the 6 remaining signals?
Hey Money GPS, I've been watching your videos for years. Have you ever in your life made a video about a market upswing? EVERY SINGLE video you make promises a huge crash. I guess someday you'll be right. It sounds a lot like Chicken Little... "THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!" Eventually it's a joke.
A mandatory 30 second advertisement plays before
the youtube plays.
I will not support these products as a result.
Run !
The real estate site called Zillo their are more foreclosure houses than anything else. Things are bad out in the real world.
When 19/19 signals hit, the market will keep climbing.
A few years ago, I wrote in my blog that the "automation premium" , that we counted on in the 70s when all industrialized countries reduced their way of computing a "job" from 40+ hours a week to 37.5 (NL) or 35 (FR), has been stolen by the .007%. That money for productivity increases was to go to all of us so we could live the same or better life and work less since automation would be doing much of the work. Unfortunately, the only viable way of returning this premium is through the UBI, which you continue to vilify. We all own the resources that automation is created with and we ALL must reap the benefit of this premium. This is NOT welfare. This is what members of an automated economy and society deserve for the use of scarce resources in making automation. UBI is not income-based. Like the oil revenue divided up and given to all residence of Alaska, the UBI must be given to All citizens, rich or poor. Of course for the rich, it must be taxed...as if they pay any taxes anyway.
Eventually market will tank but eventually all of us will die.
Game is not about being one time right but to gain while the market is climing.
And market up 300
Will you publish a new book? What is it gonna be about?
It has no rhyme or reason anymore just fat cats behind closed doors pushing helicopter money buttons......
Keep your eye on PNC

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