Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Starting The Diesel Engine | Tubewell System | Agriculture In Pakistan

Starting The Diesel Engine | Tubewell System | Agriculture In Pakistan

This is Iteffaq Diesel Engine which is almost 7 years old but working fine. Like ❤ & Comment 👍
Good engine and has some power and also pumps at a good rate ! Some gallons a min there !
Good Engine
when the would turns to shit very soon this man and this engine will still be going very good engines i have 4 of them big thanks gg
Bachara ki kari janda na, INDIA vich switch dabo bas kam aapna ap suru ho janda.
Wow, that's all machine is so old. really I like these kinds of machine. thank you so much to upload this video for the world. after the next generation can watch this video. really you are great people. again thanks to you so much.
Yanmar TF copy, it seems.
Даже и не подозревал что у дизеля может быть такой своеобразный дизайн.
0:25 - well that's a good start (NOT !) putting fuel in it bypassing the fuel filter !
Kerja tim yang bagus!👍. tetap semangat!💪
He straight up poured oil in the intake lmao
Wow what for a Engine :-D
this diesel must be worn out to crank so easy. i have a small yanmar and it is a bitch to crank
يا غلبه الراجل مات هو والعيال

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