Starting The Diesel Engine | Tubewell System | Agriculture In Pakistan

Starting The Diesel Engine | Tubewell System | Agriculture In Pakistan

This is Iteffaq Diesel Engine which is almost 7 years old but working fine. Like ❤ & Comment 👍
Hi everybody
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Мотор красивий! Реально. Зроблений по стандвртній схемі, так само як і теперешні китайці, але на його естетику виробники потратили свій час і ресурси
Porque eu nunca vejo mulheres nem meninas nas aldeias em seus vídeos? ou é uma aldeia so para homens.
Start to thi gair nh lagay pagl ne
Engine looks 200 years old
Orang paling bodoh.sukak kli ngengkol tros
Шайтан арба
پاگل ہے
Totally awesome video If this took place in Washington State osha would give you an $8000 fine for not having a guard
Passa água no funil tem mais um pouquinho
Our Farmer are great
Особенно хитрО залить масло мимо кастрюли воздушного фильтра!
Обороты фиксируются "барашком")))
А водоподъем классный!!!😘😀😀😀
Купишь билетов пачку,получишь водокачку
the shit salad you guys got served really makes me think how well 1st world countries have it.
Sitting here in a newly renovated apartment, 2 cars that run and look great, a new computer and modern fixtures and heat. Sorry the US is such a shit show when it comes to power. keep up man, new sub.
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