Square baling 2017 second cut hay, part 2

Square baling 2017 second cut hay, part 2

i see now you have two tractors now lol. new to the channel. love seeing old olivers at work!
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I'd stack it in the wagon for ya. No questions asked.
Nice job
Nice Farm
I hope to come to visit you
Hi intro music please ?
OK Farmer, are you going to post more videos? I enjoy the Olivers.
We run the same set up here is central Wisconsin. John Deere 336 with a Oliver 1855. Been using the John Deere thrower since 72. Began on a 24T. Love the hydraulic thrower. And yes about 12 plunger pound strokes per bale is what is recommended for a standard bale. Forms a good solid bale. Nice vid.Link to our vid.https://vimeo.com/135931181
I don't know if anyone will see this, but I need advice on finding a farm job, just need to know how to approach a farmer or something?
Dude! Where's the 2017 harvest vidyas?!
how much of a bales on average fit in bale wagon?
Well, well, Thanks for posting - I've learnt a lot - that Crop inverter - OK it's not as simple and low cost as our European machines -but it is certainly effective. I note too how long your grass stubble is - one of my Customers argued with me that I should SCALP the ground because THAT was where the bulk of the crop growth was. Granted true BUT one needs to keep the crop free of soil and a Little stubble lets some air flow under it. I've never seen that Deere Bale ejector before either - looks effective and gets the field cleared. However we are not as blessed as you folk - insufficient heat to dry the crop to "Lead in" as we say. - and when it IS DRY enough - the high temperature can set off mould growth , so we have to allow the crop to COOL before stacking .... can never win, eh?
The pace is just right, good teamwork
i really do enjoy this scale of american farming, im not into those 15000 acre farms with machines that are nothing less of 250hp. in ireland its so neat and tidy with 150 acres and 70 to 170hp tractors. if i were to go farming in america it would have to be this scale
Never seen an inverter like that. Pretty cool!
That is a very neat barn inside.
GREAT video!  well edited with clear explanations in your narrations.  the inverter is a new concept for me and I can see the benefit in having it with more even drying.  thanks for taking the time to put this video together.   oh yea, Oliver sounds great...  :)
Nice video I make videos too
Lots of credit to your wife .Great teamwork
Great to see and understand what's going on in real time! Thanks and greetings from Racine Wisconsin

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