Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Spoiled guinea pig yawning

Spoiled guinea pig yawning

Spoilt baby! So cute!!!
omggggg too cute
U are a good mama for that guinea pig 😄
I sure would love to erase that smile off his face by steping on its head slowly till its skull cracks open , that sure would be nice...
Awwwwwwwe 😍
One of my guinea pigs is that same way. It's the most adorable thing ever the way he closes his eyes and seems to be in heaven when I pet him the way you're doing. And then when I stop, he lifts his heads up and looks at me like "hey, why did you stop?!" lol.
Your Guinea Pig is a One of a kind. I can see how much he trusts you
awwwww one of my piggies just talks
He is so cute I have one as well!!!! Wish he would let me touch him while sleeping

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