Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Spiders web a pig's tale. Text commentary.

Spiders web a pig's tale. Text commentary.

24:41 "I can not! I want to see Viperwood, before I die!" Funniest thing I've heard in a while and it wasn't even intentional.
Also why is Mickey in a Superman costume and Minnie and other mice in bikinis in my recommendation.
Is this the movie where Wilber is drunk
I actually remember watching this movie as a little kid!
15:56 i noticed that too that's a nice cameo
Always thought this movie was a dream. I remembered every bit of this movie and idk why. It’s so wierd
Every time I tried to watch a commentary video on one of these movies I get a headache 🤕
Attempt at translation for the Japanese:
junbi dekimashita ka = are you ready?
jaa, yoroshiku onegaishimasu = well then, I look forward to working with you
yosh, hajimeyou = right, let's begin
doite tte ittara, doite ne = when I say "move out of the way", move out of the way, okay?
hai, tsugi = ok, next
hai, doite = ok, move out of the way
go, yon, san, ni, ichi = 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Kill me with a shoe
37:23 how the fuck does that even happen???
48:25 well, if I were Larry Robinson, I would have definitely punched the production team in the face. Like, they made this joke in his memory? I appreciate the thought but the result is fucking garbage.
how did i enjoy this when i was like 4?!?
Is that sparky? What did they do to him?
wait a fucking second
that movie is in another movie
a cars life tf
...As much as I hate giving this thing credit, I was convinced they would have the Japanese character speak vaguely Asian-sounding gibberish, but no, they got an actual Japanese man to speak actual Japanese. That's...actually kind of admirable.

Still doesn't make this movie worth watching but I'm glad they actually put effort in that area
Is this the Rip Off version of Charlottes web?
36:53 KaBoom
Do you know about the even worst part about this movie? It came out AFTER my third birthday.
Why does the bee with the horrible French accent need to be there?

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