Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Special Report on Irish House Prices, June 2003

Special Report on Irish House Prices, June 2003

I intentionally put in a double 'o' to emphasise the fact you are a loser.
A looser is a loser who can't spell "loser".
??? you sir, are a looser.
George Lee was showing his potential as a politician then. He wouldn't say it was all a bubble despite all the truly independent economists saying otherwise.
06:43 Hahaha. What a loser.
@SUBZERODJONES im a 26 year old just bought my first home a few months of the last fixed rates going and house at very good value.....
@dalyr32 obviously none of your children or siblings are affected or else you got your home pre 2000 and have a minature mortgage have some empathy and understanding for what is essntially a zombie generation with no prospects here and have to look toward emmigration remember we want to have a functioning society at the end of this not just a functioning economy.
there should be no bail out for home owners that got into debt during this time,after seeing its video i just made my mind up on the issue!!!

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