Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

we indian muslim hate israel .. israel is terrorist country
Did someone even check the AI translation? It has so many mistakes!!
israel is not a country. it's a state of mind. jews don't believe in any land named israel. neither to non-jews!
Shalom! Ma Nishma? Ani Ohev Israel. Ani lomed ivrit. Toda raba Israel.
govt.ko ye sab facilities humare farmers ko deni chahiye
becoz indian farmer is poor
agar govt.isme investment kare to surely after some time our farmers will independ and india will grow
Gaddafi did the same thing for Libya but upon his on land
Indian PM has already visited and he is aware of it. Even he is aware of the fact we lost the interest in farming due to several reasons.
Once upon a time we were the king in organic farming. But western hybrid fertility fertilisation system spoiled our farming.

We the farmers are crying and dying......
Here I request to our PM introduce and implement asap in all the states of India to fulfill their food requirement and revenue by exporting.
I know it will take time, for planning, approval, motivation and execution but possible to make India as reach farming country and as its export.
Anyone here can send my message to our PM????
That is good opportunities to Darling friend of India with Israel, India use this technology in our desert region like Thar Rajasthan, water scarcity area like marathwada,vidharbha ,some part of Karnataka & tamilnadu .The Indian agriculture ministry will provide cheapest rate to this technology & as well as guide good well...
Jeruselum se holy site for Muslims too. You forget Muslims.
God bless you Israel. I will visit one day ❤️ and touch the sacred land 🙏🏼
India and Israel are best friends ...we love Israel ....
Very nice thanks for information
I love ur english sir☺️
It is no miracle - their fresh water is drying up fast -Sea of Galilee is drying up because Israel is draining water from Tiberias for agriculture - they are doomed - Read the Bible prophecy their greed will kill them
Very poor grammatical English. Fish is fish and not fishes (Indian Inglish). The Indian presenter does not know the difference between an Orange and a Mandarin. Looks like this guy is from Bihar from his accent and he also does not know how to eat with a fork.
These are Palestinian land which are occupied by bloody monstrous Zionist.
Israel is a promised land by living GOD not idol, so don't copy it not possible.
Of all the countries of the world, Israel commands the greatest respect.
Indians love Israel.
Long live India.
Long live Israel.
I love farming, planting....loved your show

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