Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Israel prospers due to hard work,determination and faith in their Maker,Source Elohim,God Almighty.
The Indian reporter is more or less the donkey Kong 😝
757 dislikes from terrorist community ☪️
4:23 oranges and santras 😂🤣😂🤣 Typical Indian thing 😎😎😎😍😍😍
Frank's voice 😊
Extremely nice
Very crucial and important topic... Why couldn’t RSTV find a better anchor??? He is simply on a foreign trip without any homework:(
What is the source of generation of electricity in israel
Salom namastee..... yeah dosti...
Wo Seedless bol rha h aur hmare achor there is no seed inside kah rhe h
Hahaha 0:07 I am Akhilesh Kumar(with subtitles)
Sir es video niche hindi bhi diya karo taki English improv ho ske aram se English sik ske ge please
What a documentary....rstv
Hat's off to you.....
Time to bring isareli technology in ladakh now that it has been made union territory we can develop it
Beautiful Voice over by Frank Sir
Israel... You are doing great.... God bless you...
India became Independent in 1947 Israel came in re- existence in 1948 . Although there were a lot of pressure from surrounding countries (which still exist) they (Israel)continued to develop and Share there things. A wonderful Mentor for the world . They are teaching , Money is not the only thing but hard-work, caring and sharing with others. Sometimes I wonder they are surrounded by rich countries but the people of those countries are not growing as there Kings and Rulers although they existed for so long. Our heart have to be pure to bring change in the society. Oil and Money will not help, Togetherness and supporting will help.
Israel is pioneer in every field
Necessity is the mother of discovery

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