Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Where's the ground cover.
They are not Palestinians they are Jordanian Arabs. Palestine is the land not a people group. Israel is named from Jacob and his fight with God ( wrestling ) Jesus maimed him in the hip ( Israelites don’t eat that flesh to this day ) and Jacob was renamed Israel. Hebrew Word for wrestling is call Palestine.
If Israel has the knowledge of modern agriculture then why in the world the dont export friendship to countries surrounding them? Sharing is better than making people jealous. Just think about it. And then think again. Until you realize peace is the answer.
People who don't like this documentary they must have black heart...
Good advice for indian..I hope other country follow this too.very nice man he tell the details..may God Allah bless them..
Good keep it up israel... Lov from pakistan
God bless Israel.Visit our country too..the Philippines.
Being chosen people of God the promised is being fulfilled
Hi Sir, I am from Delhi. Want to meet you once as I am very keen to study on environmental science. Any idea can you share with me. Or you can connect me with someone in the regards. Anjan Bhattacharyya
Israel terrorist
This is a blessed nation
Holly land per insano ka qatle aam .yahood Kar rahe hen.
💯Din zulm ka ak din insaf ka inshallah Israel zaroor nisto nabood ho gha.
This is a joke right!
As a Filipino, This Country is the one that I been hoping to visit with. In God's grace.. I love u Israel🙏🏻☝🏼️.
WOW WOW WOW 😯 there’s no words to express my wowness wow!
There is a God in Israel! My God! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thank you Jesus Christ for being our God 🙏🏼
If you don’t believe in God, watch the video again, and again
Excellent documentary from the Indian crew. There are some real 🤠 cowboys commenting on this thread. They are a nation that did not exist before 1948, hunted down in every nation they were in for over 1900 years but survived because of who their God is. They were chosen not because they were mighty but small ( paraphrasing the Bible), they still are small - occupying 1/6th of 1% of the land compared to their Semitic brothers. The land was in the hands of their Arab brothers for hundreds of years and it was barren and desecrated - that is what Mark Twain witnessed. But in the hands of the Jews it's returning to its former glory - the land flowing with milk and honey. Look from a satellite and you will find Israel will be the only green strip in a sea of sand. The commentator says Israel is an important land but does not elaborate why. But people need to think why it's become so important why is Jerusalem so burdensome for the nations of the world - only one book prophecies that is how it would be in the last days (prophecy in Zechariah) - yes the only book with about 30% prophecy, the Bible (Tanakh+new testament). That prophecy is coming true - God brought Israel back as a Nation in these last days as a sign to the Nations of the world. Look further than their achievements, look at their history and the impossibility of their existence - look at the Ezekiel dry bones prophecy (Ch 37,38). They as a nation died in 70 AD but were resurrected. They were annihilated in the Holocaust causing the world, for a brief window, to feel sorry for their plight and allowing their own homeland. That is the nation through which all nations of the earth have been blessed - through the Messiah - Yeshua Ha'Maschiach (Jesus Christ) - even majority of the Jews themselves do not know this or are not yet ready to acknowledge this reality- again a prophecy that their eyes will be veiled for a time. For the ones who hate them, please think - if you are able to annihilate them then the God of the Bible is not the true God but if not perhaps you have been brainwashed - for your own sake think - be a thinking individual, explore the facts of the matter and challenge your 'status quo' thinking, challenge your worldview and see if it stands to scrutiny. If a book with all its prophecy until the present time has been fulfilled and ones for the future are beginning to fall in place then it's time you took notice at it's unique message. I know it's a tall claim but it's not my assertion but God's standard to differentiate His word from man's word - every single prophecy has to be fulfilled exactly. Take notice of the Bible's prophecy about its Messiah and about the nation that is Israel - they are the woman in Revelation that brought forth the child (Jesus) and because of which the dragon (the serpent of old) has been persecuting her/them. Israel played a major role for the 1st coming of the Messiah and it will play a major role before the 2nd coming and for both Israel as a Nation needed to be in their land - the 1st coming was 70 years before their exile (diaspora) and now after nearly 1900 years they are back in the land never to be uprooted's time to take notice, even if you miss all Israel has to offer - don't miss their Messiah - who came for you as well.
Israeli people are refugee in Palestine .....
This is.. stolen land water and more

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