Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​
Boom!!!! Bang On in agriculture, we, Indians should learn something from Israel🇮🇱
put the genome of black pepper and potato genome so we got more spicy fruits
put the genome of coconut and cactus so we got more water filled bags of coconut
whole genome of cactus's and various sugarcane gives tremendous sugar in jelly form automatically
if nitrogen fixation bacteria are mixed with photocells of sunflower rotation genes together so we got more efficient oil
put the genome of nitrogen fixation bacteria with lactobacillus bacteria so we got dynamites naturally
put the genome of rubber tree with woody plants so we got more efficient carbon compound
put the genome of sandalwood with big trees so we got perfumed highway world wide
put the genome of coconut and mango genome so we got more good pickle automatically
put the genome of coconut and mango genome with mustard oil plants genome then we got more efficient oil which gives energy
put the genome of sandalwood with genome of bamboo tree so we got more perfumes faster
put the genome of sandalwood with sugarcane genome so we got more perfumes along with sugar
so we got more efficient sorbet automatically aroma which keep cool in summer
LOL that's a smack in the face ! A plant that originate sform India along with Cucumbers - Brinjal is grown in Israel ! Should come as no surprise - Our Indian communist Govt. allowed Vietnamese to come to India study @ Agri centres take back what they learnt & now beat India in Indian origin products like Black pepper & rice quality - While we have walking theoretical encyclopaedias with doctorates walking the streets ! Our Education system needs to integrate a 40 % practical exposure to grant the qualification & as in Israel & Europe farming is seen as a respected profession - India - nope & Farmers too - have debt cycles , sell their votes - We need educated people to make that leap from the boardroom to the field- can't expect politicians to think in our best interests most of them are ignorant illiterate big mouths just listen tot hem argue a bill or point in Rajya Sabha ! If we expect any good those bureaucrats then we are living in a fool's paradise ! The key ingredient missing is how do they get so much fresh water available ? Part of the answer is in huge desalination plants ! That last scene of the reddish Tulip field was like a scene from Silsila ! Reckon India needs to get Bollywood stars to invest in these farm projects & the Kibbutz qual would be the likes of the Ashrams that , like the Jews are bonded by a common Dharma view. Hopefully this documentary will find it's way into the Ministry of Agriculture & something good comes off it !
Israel finds solutions where others see problems ! Israel is much the same as Silicon Valley - ie : Get a lot of people together , many with expertise & money , political influence across Europe & USA [ Post WW2 ] & you have this web of ideas that flows across, most importantly is Israeli Govt. commitment in term of GDP % for R & D in this sector - India does not have this. Our closest equal is IIT institutes , Israel has a huge Agri Science sector that supports the farmers & Universities that are committed to Agriculture so a lot of experiments go on to find good workable solutions. India has politicians who are in Parliament from bought vote banks , wealthy business people are now entering politics directly & there is still this overall sense of state identity over a National one. So we still have issues over water rights from state to state , the recent farmer crop burinings in Haryana & it's effects across Delhi . Then there are failed Govt. Projects from the 70's like the Ran of Kutch where a type of plant/ tree was planted to stop the salt lakes from spreading which then impacted on the cattle farmers, wildlife & has caused desertification. The problems are there & it's state Govt's that need to show commitment to finding workable solutions for the issues @ hand. India & Israel are natural partners - we share a common history whereby many Jews came to India for safety & have lived & served as Jewish Indians now relocate to Israel with our blessings , we have a common enemy that wants to destroy both faiths so in many fronts it is Hindu India & Jewish Israel that should partner . In other sectors India is a global leader & so this exchange of ideas & Information can benefit both nations.
God helps those who help themselves. Love❤😘4rm Nagaland.
It was the promised last of jesus christ god was blessing that country abundantely praise god
Apne kisaan suicide kr rhe hai to uspe report nhi krenge, had chutiapanti hai.
Netanyahu cha-cha of Modi
india and israel together can do wonder. good report :-)

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