Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Whom to contact in India?
@15:10 "Oh, there is no seed in this".... then spits the seed out ...lmfao
India and their masters!. First the zionist steal the land, divert the water, imprison the population, play the victim. A lot like like Kashmir!
A Blessed Nation
Israel doesn't even have 1/100th of the natural resources of India . Yet....
Jews are stealing water from Palestinians and starving them to death since 60 years. A real genocide. Do not do business with them, they will cheat and steal every thing you have.
I am amazed by this documentary.
Israel is the 8th wonder of the World.
Thank you for the exchange programs. It was a very good coverage and welcome Israel to India. Shalom!
May peace prevail in Israel!!!
Israel is a wonderful country, lovely people, talented citizen and having a Great Prime Minister.

Love from India..
They are very good in finding solutions. Hats off to their spirit and enthusiasm.
Definitely israel is another level on everything !
God bless Israel God bless the Jews
Israel is a blessed nation. Its all glory of Israel's God. God of Abraham, Isaac n Jacob all praises to you.Amen
I was surprised to hear that China may have a better way to reclaim the desert....I wonder how many countries, in the desert regions are taking advantage of this technology...
What miracle? Did former conquerors kill the farmers and turn loose goats to create deserts? Are the farmers coming back?
Wer von der ganzen Welt Steuergelder geschenkt bekommt kann sowas natürlich locker machen.
israel has produced some of the most intelligent minds and they have the land of milk and honey. May Israel grow to be a great and a prosperous nation.
I hate agriculture. Ugly people with ugly machines.

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