Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

I salute God of Israel. He has indeed blessed His people being true to His promise. By blessing His people with divine wisdom and knowledge in all the areas of life. That same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is ready to bless India too in the same manner in technology and in agriculture and so on,, provided He is worshipped by Indians as the the only true Triune God. My prayer is, Lord let India come to the saving knowledge of Christ. I am watching from India with awe and appreciation towards my God, who has made His own land an excellent example of being a blessed land.
This is not a sustainable approach. This industry needs a lot of oil and machinery to operate.
Fucking Israel
Jesus blessing the land of Iserial.....
Pakistan inshaallah will attack at Israel and india
When you see this, you realise that large scale R&D in agriculture is nonexistent in India..... The inherent self-centred nature of people and political forces are the main reason for the refusal to change..... And rest of Indian media instead of showing programmes like these to spread information & awareness are busy showing idiots shouting in the name of debate purely to increase their TRP. With innovations like these and initiatives likes Agrogas, India has a massive scope to be self-reliant and export produce in huge quantities
Ah ALL that stolen land. Free Palestine Israel is an illegal
Genocidal state.
Damn... That Background music is just amazing...
Very good information which the public is expecting from the media.
occupaed arabs land
Khazar country and solomon tech ...
Very nice
Respected sir ,
I have lots plan to give to your country for research. My problem is people patent all ideas , So I am remaining quite. We together will make our pizza and bread very healthy and testy. Destiny of cold dessert food production will change with your help. You have all technology to make it more better. Namh shivay.
Best documentary, great reporter and best thing is that not artificial media or reporter.
Poor production. No edge in technology shown. The interviewer had no idea o agriculture. Sorry the producer had a great chance to cover but he completely missed it.
India needs technology to detect pesticides and chemicals in food so that food is of the highest quality. There is no video on youtube showing the cost effectiveness of Israeli technology in agriculture preharvest, harvest and post harvest technologies as of March 2019. Hope some websites where different types of products needed in agriculture (a to z) to order from Israel are also given in such videos. We need seeders, harvesters and other solutions besides drip irrigation or sprinklers.
they are ingenious people.jews have brains.
Wow Israel you have a Great thought of sharing Farming techniques with Farmers of Whole World
Till today 16 march 2019 have come but no action taken by Indian government....

Only going to many countries for vecation by M DJi

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