Spa Scalp Massage Roleplay (stereo) ASMR

Spa Scalp Massage Roleplay (stereo) ASMR

Is this a gay wedding? She keeps saying partner. That's for gays
Still pretty much the best ASMR video ever made.
this has always been one of my favorite asmr videos
데박... 너무 좋아용!! :)
이런 마사지 영상 한국말로도 찍어주세용 ㅠ
So much hatred and anger in this comment section, but I'm just here for the tingles. ;)
I love your scalp massages they give me super tingles I love your voice so soothing your scalp massages are super relaxing :) thank you for your videos the scalp massages are my favourite you help me relax so badly when i need to thank you so much
Wonderful video, but very loud unskippable advert!

This was the first ASMR video I ever watched. It was a little more than a year ago. It is still my favorite video.
where I live the number 42 bus takes you to bad bad places .....

I absolutely love the sounds in this scalp massage but it's WAY too short :( I have to keep starting from the 8:00 mark.
Your the best Nicole I've listened to everyone but your voice is so relaxing :)
Something about this young lady's voice, is still giving me ASMR tingles after the video. Well done.
Fallen asleep... Thank You...
Ugh. Negativity doesn't belong in this community. If you don't like the video then don't watch it. Simple. Arguing with strangers online is so low class.
I love this video so much. The way you talk etc is so perfect. Also, I don't want to be rude, but commenting about how you don't like her accent is kind of useless. Some people have really closed minds around here..
+Will Burns that +orhugs girl will always stereotype against americans. Its not worth it to try to convince those kind of close minded people. Unless she is russian or chinese her country will never be important. also you look straight out of that "dick in a box" snl skit. Its awesome actually.

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