South Georgia Farm Produces Eggs For Poultry Industry

South Georgia Farm Produces Eggs For Poultry Industry

For any poultry cleaning service call me Noe Santos 229 205 8701 we work with breeder & broiler farms around Georgia. Thanks
What's this? Something else PETA is hiding from us?
How many acres you running these houses on? I'm young and looking into getting into this myself as something to pass to my 2 boys when they get older. I have some really important questions I'd love to get an honest farmers answer on somethings if you wouldn't mind!?
Healthy and Happy...Impressive operation!

The Arkansas poultry business is serious too.
The Georgia poultry industry has a multi-billion dollar impact on the state's economy. While many Georgia farmers raise chickens for meat production, the birds actually come from somewhere else.  Recently the Monitor's Mark Wildman visited one of those farms.

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