The Reality of South African Farm Murders

The Reality of South African Farm Murders

Thats fascism. Not marxism. Fascism and nacism
Why can’t you people just call it what it is? It’s racially motivated black crime! It’s just like when Muslims move in a country and start raping and killing the people native to that country, everyone’s afraid to say anything. Same here in America. Most of the ungodly brutal crimes in America are black on white crimes. Their’s the plague of the world and until leaders across the world admit it, it’ll only continue. Go in, exterminate South Africa of the scourge and start over.
Tough live here in South Africa. Can't even go out at night anymore.
Apartheid is not a valid excuse to commit atrocity against another group. Shame on South Africa.
So good for them hahahaha!
United Nations representatives live in New York. Time for white Americans to kill and torture the savage Africa.
Do not let them take your guns
Thx dave someone that understands my meaning
Historical injustices being revisited apartheid is within living memory what used to happen to blacks is happening to whites time is catching up with them
Who tf cares! Get tf out of Africa if you're not happy.
Africa will starve.
Lauren Southern Hows this one! Does anyone know about what happed in the Boer war? I'm quite shocked no one has said anything about it. I learnt about it many years ago so I'm a bit rusty with the facts/numbers. It happened when Britain tried to colonise South Africa. Britain had the intentions to wipe out everyone in South Africa to colonise. they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of black people, then found the Boers they wanted the boers land and to bend the knee. The boers were like no way. So it was on. WAR the Boers annihilated them you see they were hunters on they're land very good marksmen compared to the young English soldiers, this is when lions were picking the soldiers off too. something like 50000 Boers to 200000 British soldiers. The British lost and retreated and later came back with something 100000 troops and got smashed again! and the was that! the end of the Boer War. You see its funny how things work if it wasn't for the Boer there wouldn't be any Black people in South Africa! check it out true story. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you hey
Bantu are most violent things on Earth... even in America!....why do people ignore this!
I would run beg and swim out of there. Sharks would be better. Leave . That so cruel. Run.
Live realtime dashcam footage of the South African Anti-Carjacking Unit / Anti-Hijacking Unit in action.
Real pursuits and real high risk situations recorded on dashcam. Visit the following YouTube Channel.
Fasten your safetybelts and hold on tight.
Bravo Lauren heard you on the Savage Nation with Dr Savage. Terrifying stuff going on over the pond. I fear because of the isolation of this tragedy from the rest of the world it will continue.
I hate blacks after watching this
God bless you for exposing this horrible stuff Lauran
Why am I not able to share this???
This made me feel a mixture of sadness and just straight up pissed off right now. How can we help these people?

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