The Reality of South African Farm Murders

The Reality of South African Farm Murders

So cruel, brutal, dehumanizing.. these poor people, kids, babies. Absolutely heart breaking. Thank you for bringing this to people's attention. The truth needs to be out there.
The statistics are low.more boers must die like the pigs they are
we want our land back
Filthy savages. The black plague. They need to be eliminated.
You got a dislike from me because this is brutal and sad, and I dislike the story. :( but WTF, I've seen you talk about people buying paintball guns to protect themselves because obviously white's can't buy guns? I read about this in 2019, and nothing... it seems has been done. Get those people outta there. I would love to host a family here in Canada if they can get here obviously. Where can people go if they want to support farmers here?
All South Africans should leave now, please save yourselves, save your children, you can't fight back, i understand how you feel, please leave, becuase when you do, the hyenas will kill each other, they will starve to death, there will be chaos & anarchy, the hyenas will destroy themselves, but the important thing is, the whole world will see how utterly backward & useless the hyena is, then you can go back and show the world how great you & we are, my heart is with all the victims families, please show the world how backward & primative these hyenas are & how great we Lions are..
Talk About Rape An Murders..of The Blacks Done By Whites..😎
Wonderful job done by reporter. She is really Vry brave.
lauren southern , can you please make a video documentary about the mass killings of indigenous South African by the british and dutch and the land STEALING from the indigenous and apartheid.thank you . Ohh and Becky keep your filthy fake anti -white propaganda for yourself.
Lauren Southern is just truly, truly amazing💜 🧡💙
Notice that this video cannot be downloaded.I have noticed that other conservative sites on YOUTUBE are also blocked from downloading.TIME TO NATIONALIZE THE INTERNET......... (right LARRY,SERGEY,SUNDAR,AND SUZIE SHITSKIS ???)
The elites have this planned for America. White GENOCIDE will not end in South Africa. We have our own marxist infiltrators hard at work to bring this chaos to your children's school streets. Your children will live under the luciferian surveillance state.

The NSA, CIA, FBI luciferian surveillance state cartels are working to complete the white genocide agenda in America.

While you WORK 3 jobs to barely make ends meet in a cycle of poverty, a REVOLVING DOOR of grinning NSA marxists are paid 100k a year to spy on your naked daughter in the shower, freely pass your private identity to their accomplices, and target your family on a mental health list for political dissent. Do not allow these insidious marxist infiltrators to succeed. They serve the luciferian elites. Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild. Not you.

Soros doesn't have to worry about the REVOLVING DOOR of grinning NSA marxists watching his naked daughter in the shower. But you do...

Rockefeller doesn't work 3 jobs in poverty to pay their 100k public salaries, but you do...

Rothschild's family and children aren't targeted on a mental health list for political dissent by these communists who commit TREASON. But yours are...

Romanov's private bank logins, identity info, and social security numbers aren't freely distributed to this WEALTHY ELITE CLASS of marxist infiltrators in the intelligence community. But yours are... Identity theft has SKYROCKETED since the illegal wiretapping TREASON known as the patriot act as a result of ex-NSA employees with free access to millions of American identities.

Do not allow these insidious communist infiltrators to succeed. TRY and HANG all Communists who commit TREASON against America. Kill them all and run their bodies through the streets. They shop at Rolex, Gucci, and Whole Foods while you count pennies at the dollar store checkout to feed your children. Your tax BILLIONS at work.

There will be no longer be rewards on the backs of the people for the friends of lucifer. There will be eternal sadness in HELL.

I am a South African. Very glad i left there in time with my family. Barberians, kaffers. Evil, satanic. There is a hell waiting for them of 24 hour torment. They killed each other 200-300 years ago just as brutally. Havent we learned how sadistic the kaffers are? May God have mercy on them.
This bitch is such a lier,yes we heard this before sadam kill babies
UN wants to import these black fucks all across the world, time to stock up on ammo and send them back to the hell pit they come from.
You are missing the point. The murders are more than real, but the a tearfull voices do not convey the absolute reality of the crime. There is no stink no heat, no hunger, no thirst, no vision of the slaughtered bodies. You are fucklng naive, who ever.
What the FUCK is wrong with people ? !
"a victim in a plot immensely constructed by your greed and's flames are to hot to bear" -I quote
This the antichrist work! These savage animal's down deserve life, killed them all.
White man rapes 9 year old black girl South Africa all on camera ..... no video on that miss southern ?

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