Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The Reality of South African Farm Murders

The Reality of South African Farm Murders

dont worry South Africa our good police officers are gunning you beast faced monsters down daily in America lmfao #Handsupdontshoot
ugly nasty disgusting black beast faced monster demons- EXTERMINATE the black monsters
I am living in South Africa and the worst part of all is our government does not recognise the GENOCIDE...... we live in fear every second of every day. Thank you Lauren for give us hope.
you mean black people who were killed by Whites were not humans
Lives matter why do these terrible thing's happen to people This need to be stopped the world needs to know what is happening so they can't just say "oh it doesn't happen" people need to know.
South African black radicals say "Go back to Europe". Indian Hindu radicals say " Go to Pakistan".
I smell some similarity here
When are they going to arm them selfs and do something
White genocide
imagine being so desperate to be the victim of racial discrimination that you go all the way to south africa to almost tell a story about it.
so these murders are the result of possibly decades of racial discrimination, forced unemployment and previous offenses that were overlooked by their government. Okay. May the families rest in peace. But what would have to happen to cause this type of result?
You hear stories like this coming from EVERY country in the world. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The end is nigh my friends.
All lives matter (meaning whites too) sense their government don’t care
errrhmmm you do know that all farmers of color are also victims of farm murders and attacks?.... in 2015 it was almost 35 percent of non white.... farm murders made up 0.3 percent in do the other 99.7 percent of murders in sa not matter... those people that are also not important maybe because they are not white enough. those kids being killed is a real tragedy.. but we lose an average of 3 children a day in this country.... oh but i guess they dont matter... i mean they nkt white enough... all white right wingers loving your one sided video.. making it as if only white people are affected by crime.... this lady says no statistics are available... actually there is.... do research before people make up their own statistics to promote their cause... why am i not surprised that an American is doing this video... land of ignorance
Was it any surprise that someone finally took your "browns are trying to replace whites" rhetoric to heart? You have blood on your hands.
Fuck you Bitch
This is awful and the first I've heard of this happening...Sad...
Time to leave that putrid craphole to the jungle mentality that reside there before its tòo late
So cruel, brutal, dehumanizing.. these poor people, kids, babies. Absolutely heart breaking. Thank you for bringing this to people's attention. The truth needs to be out there.
The statistics are low.more boers must die like the pigs they are
we want our land back

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