Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Somalia ,The road to self sufficency in Food Production.

Somalia ,The road to self sufficency in Food Production.

Wadanka anaaba madaxwayne kanoqonaya sidan simaahee anaa hagaajin
Iam Somali person illahow dalka noodhis
Abdulwahed Salh..mahdsanid ..maashaa allaha barnamijkan ma ma ku bahin karaa fabook adoo raaliaya aadban uga helay
Somalia 🇸🇴 were never starving 🤷‍♀️
Somalia warriors ancestors have done everything to build Somalia 🇸🇴 to 1990 war to destroy everything. Retards have allowed this.
If this country gets only peace and stability, it leads the whole world(not only in Africa) in terms of various agricultural production. Keep up brothers. Love from Kenya.
Looks good, I just hope the Somali Gov have lab tested these food that are growing through a trustworthy nation. West have tendency to massacre people by any means as history has shown and still show.
Nice. Thanks lots for sharing. :)
🙏🏿 Praying for a plentiful harvest, blessing to these people
I love this 😘
Somalia needs to build dams. In order to save the surplus water in time of need, thank God after your Lord Mohamed Faramagua, who saved you from the UAE and Saudi flocks. My Lord gave you everything. The fertile land and the abundant water and air. Thank God and plant this good land that you have paved for you to reap. I wish God a bright future for you
When Somalia will have total peace,the East Africa region will be better than any other region in Africa. God bless Somalia and its people.
That's my land
qudradaan la dhoofinayo marka hare waa in loo kala diro gobolada Soomaalya dadkeenii oo ka baahan ayaad dhoofineysaan. walaal baafo fariintaan gaarsiiya
Msha allh ILove somaaliy ❤️❤️❤️
Lord Jesus Christ bless Somali people...
Bismillah, InshaaAllah, Education, Training, Many, Much, More Investments JOBS, CASH, MONEY, and INCENTIVES for the FARMERS, Thanks, wish all well, Sukhran, Aameen, Khuda Hafiz, Salaam, Canada.

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