Solo Pyro Pete (OP8!) with Axton (Commando)

Solo Pyro Pete (OP8!) with Axton (Commando)

what about your skill tree. I see that you throw 2 turrets
Great video only thing I personally think was bad about it was you tuning in a circle in the elevator made me want to puke had to pause video just so I wouldn't puke but other video was great.
I soloed Pyro Pete by using a shock sandhawk and a bee shield. I was using the commando. He is not nearly as underpowered as you make him out to be. You simply just don't know how to build him.
That is some insane fire rate....
I kill Pyro Pete OP8 solo with my Siren, and it's really difficult. I died 2 times, but at the third attemp i do it.
pussy way to kill him
Have you soloed Pyro Pete and lived to tell the tale? How did you do it? Tell me in the comment section below!

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