Soft speaking, tapping, and other ASMR triggers (HD&Stereo)

Soft speaking, tapping, and other ASMR triggers (HD&Stereo)

여기엔 많이 안오나보네ㅠㅠ꾸준히.. 마약영상입니다.. 제최애영상 헉흑 치스크래커..가튼건데.. 할때 팅글 와 미쳐요
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How are u? Long time no see 😀 Your soft whispering& crinkle sounds 4:33 very tingle 👍👍👍 more video like this,,tap tap again
벌써 4년전 영상이네요ㅜㅜ가끔씩 들려서 듣고가곤해요~ 다시 언제 오시려나아
I need to say this after months of using this to sleep. This is one of my favorite ASMRs to fall asleep to. Why does this not have a lot more likes than what it already has? It is so underrated. At least in my opinion.
this video has been my all time favorite forever. I just find this vid if I'm not in love with recent ones from whisperers
I know this is an old video, but I was wondering what the sweet potato thing you show is? it looks so good.
love goldfish!
Wow nice lips , nice voice , nice nails now I wonder how your toes look too thanks for the tingles tho great video.
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are one of my guiltiest pleasures on this here Earth. The megaboxes available at the grocery store are dangerous for a fiend like me--I'm addicted.
I also prefer whispering over other sounds for relaxation. :)
Holy crap your Asian and I mean no offense by it and you have that accent perfect for me to fall asleep to and relax to for some reason those accents relax me a lot and for some reason Asians facial features relaxes me.
I have to admit; it's cute as hell the way you say "so" in your accent lol
I'm eating some Goldfish right now!~ =D
Almost makes me wonna fall a sleep on a hammock on beach front property in Kauai..
Speaking softly is always calming, soothing n therapeutic I dig it! :)
Japanese beer tends to be dry beer, which I prefer because of the clean finish it has, but my go to cheapo beer is Hite obviously :p
Your voice is deeply relaxing. Your videos are great and I always tingle up when I watch them! 
You have an English accent, tho! :)
Easily one of my all-time favorite ASMR videos. I listen to this at least once a day!! :) love it and you!

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