SMARTEST Guinea Pigs Do THE COOLEST Tricks | The Dodo

SMARTEST Guinea Pigs Do THE COOLEST Tricks | The Dodo

Guinea pig=cutest pet ever!
If anyone had told me a guinea pig could do agility, I would have snorted with derision at them. Amazing!
And mines are so scared that they even wont come out of their house when i start getting them food.
i hear that they taste delicious
Amazing ! Good job !
Expert Trick Guinea Pig
“Trick Dog”

hol up.
Awwww I have pets like them but twin sisters
Ah cute
I have two guinea pigs
so intelligent and so cute
guinea pigs are awesome
Smater then me I somtimes can't even hold a ball it fools i dont have a mouth to hold.What a smart guinea pig!
What age u train them soo can try to train him to
If u train them theu will do the same thing the that person train them alot that why they become smart piggys
This so cute 😍
Сплошной позитив! Спасибо большое за видео!))
so cute
nagyon cukik


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