SMARTEST Guinea Pigs Do THE COOLEST Tricks | The Dodo

SMARTEST Guinea Pigs Do THE COOLEST Tricks | The Dodo

Сплошной позитив! Спасибо большое за видео!))
so cute
nagyon cukik

My brother's guinea pig may be able to do those tricks. My guinea pig? Eh, he's got a long way to go...
when even a guinea pig is smarter than you. ;-;

btw this is a joke...
Ours would just chill there
“Because they like spending time with their favorite person”.
By any chance, is their favorite person treats? (((:
dodo your cool
Wow! Amazing training. Guinea pigs are far smarter than many people think, however. They are excellent at cause & effect, remembering, and figuring out mazes.
Excellent job!
Smart cute.....😘😘
I died looking at this THEY ARE SUPER CUTE!!!!!
See people! Guinea pigs are not boring!
I sub because I love animals 😁
So cute
So cure💜💝💋💙😘😘😍
So cure😘😘😘😍💜💓💖💖💋💙

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