Smart Pig Trained Like A Dog | The Dodo

Smart Pig Trained Like A Dog | The Dodo

Seeing that pig run around made me Hungry.
No they're not. The ugly. And they're not intelligent. The smartest animal is still stupid. Only humans are intelligent. Rolling a ball and ringing a bell does not make you intelligent. Reading a book doing math and driving a car let's see a pig try that
Bacon for dinner 😂
In case you need another reason to be vegan, pigs are beautiful and sensitive and have the intellectual ability of a small human child.
Pigs meat is extremly unhealthy to eat, pigs should be treated like dogs and cats
Pigs are actually smarter than dogs! And they are very delicious! I love 'em
People underestimate the intelligence of a pig and how much they love to move physically. I love stories that show how sweet and smart they are. I dont eat any pig products because I love them so much. They are the most mistreated animals for their meat. Its despicable.
I love pigs !
Awe look at her tail wag like a dogs. Amazing. 👍❤
One of my favorite videos ever!💖
Pigs are so smart. Yes' more please
Pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs!! It's awful that so many people eat these wonderful creatures. Pigs deserve loving parents like these; they shouldn't spend their lives locked up in a tiny cage, being tortured everyday and then eventually killed. #GoVegan
I got so excited when I saw the Irish Setters! What a lucky pig👍🐶
its adorable, and all animals need love like her but....
Sorry, i cant give up meat, KFC chickens are just too good. IM SORRY OK? BUT I AINT GUNNA BEE A VEGETERIAN
This animal has more inteligence than the mulllahs in Iran.
love that Amy so awesome
We all now someone had to do this but
I hope she never gets eaten

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