Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Smart Pig Trained Like A Dog | The Dodo

Smart Pig Trained Like A Dog | The Dodo

Pigs are intelligent animals they are mammals like us. Treat them with kindness and respect they are known to have the intelligence of a 3 year old child. Would you eat your pet dog or Cat?
Good girrrrl XD
Greetings to all vegans out there.
You can just see how much smarter she is than the dogs XDD she just waits and observes the toy car、experimenting with it. She responds to commands instantly、unless she doesnt understand (like with jump). Unlike a dog、she waited on the see saw when she was just over the tipping point for it to fall so she didnt get a big jolt when it hit the ground. So smart!!
Cute, but I know theres bacon in him and that ain't gonna stop me.
One thing i gotta say-

Most of you don't seem to notice (I mean this mostly to the vegans here, I know not all vegans are bad, I know) that animals will still be killed By animals and For animals, as THEY need it to survive
we can stop eating them, but we will still have to kill animals for our pets
Hhmmm bacon
She cute n smart the little cutie. 😊❤🐷🐖
So just remember when someone calls you a pig, hog, or swine, they're saying you're smart.
Seeing that pig run around made me Hungry.
No they're not. The ugly. And they're not intelligent. The smartest animal is still stupid. Only humans are intelligent. Rolling a ball and ringing a bell does not make you intelligent. Reading a book doing math and driving a car let's see a pig try that
Bacon for dinner 😂
In case you need another reason to be vegan, pigs are beautiful and sensitive and have the intellectual ability of a small human child.
Pigs meat is extremly unhealthy to eat, pigs should be treated like dogs and cats
Pigs are actually smarter than dogs! And they are very delicious! I love 'em
People underestimate the intelligence of a pig and how much they love to move physically. I love stories that show how sweet and smart they are. I dont eat any pig products because I love them so much. They are the most mistreated animals for their meat. Its despicable.
I love pigs !
Awe look at her tail wag like a dogs. Amazing. 👍❤
One of my favorite videos ever!💖

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