Smart Farm: Garlic Farming

Smart Farm: Garlic Farming

nice job bro
I dislike this Githaiga thing

This is because they are liars. They cheat you that an acre takes 130kgs They give you alot of hopes in hopeless information.
They cheat you on seeds.
Imagine selling you seeds which are not ready for planting and cheating people that they have some six acres they are planting so that you can buy their seeds and lies to you that they will buy the garlic when ready but after its ready they do not pick up the calls again.

Kind;y Mr. Githaiga Stop CHEATING PEOPLE
good job
did you mulch?
Denis, do you have the seeds? can I get your contacts?
kiawara in nyeri
هل توجد بذور للثوم
want to venture to this enterprise
woow wat a profit

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