Sleep Hypnosis Hand Relaxation

Sleep Hypnosis Hand Relaxation

This is still one of my favorite videos of all time!
This was the first video that made me love ASMR ❤️
🌸 Definitely one of my faves! The lip smacking along with soft speaking is so relaxing! Tks Nicole! 🦋
Happy new year pigsbum!
I love you, Nicole! I wish her and Maria (Gentle Whispering) would do something together. My brain would probably melt! Lol
5 years in still coming back
pigsbum53 (Nicole)

I want to say thank you! I have been following you for years now. 3 years ago I had somewhat of a mental breakdown due to stress and past trauma. The only thing that would allow me to calm down (I think I was in a state of panic permanently, for around a month) were your videos.

They honestly helped me through one of my toughest times that I have encounted in my life yet.

I am happy you have been concerntrating on your personal life more over the last year, we all deserve that, uninterupted.

But I will always be extremely happy when I recieve a notification telling me that you have uploaded a video.

Your work is truly appreciated! All the best :)
I can't hear it but it looks odd.
Just rediscovered this one, still love it. An all-time favorite.
Nice idea but maybe better if she took the 10 jolly ranchers out of her mouth before hitting the record button.....
I think I'll stick to valium....
Couldn't sleep, came back to you, Nicole. This ambiance, those soft hand movements and that warm voice always manage to put me at ease. After all this time still. So thank you <3 Wherever you are now, I hope you are doing well and that you are happy. And if not, that you remember that you've got a whole community behind you, willing to listen to you and truly believing in you. :) <3
weird, i was coming to say the same thing as riktiktav :)
Close to three year later and this is still one of my favourite ASMR videos!
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My new favorite ASMR video....
This is by far my favorite out of all your videos! So relaxing! I'd love it if you did more soft-spoken videos like this one, with lip smacking and slow hand movements.
I was going to listen to your video and I put on high volume then this ad scared the crap of me
you have the most warm and relaxing voice i ever heard thank you so much if i could i gave you a little hug
Am happy when am catch 3 hours in my bed ... :(

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