Shrek Forever After: Party Scene

Shrek Forever After: Party Scene

1:34, 2:14
Pig 1: We had lollipops
I guess Hulk isn’t the only green creature with anger issues.
Donkey is such an annoying idiot. I don’t blame Shrek for being annoyed with him coming into his house every morning since Shrek and Fiona became parents. Donkey should know that it’s not polite to go into a friend/family members house every single day Family need time to themselves especially from other friends or family members.
Away a go, shrek
2:44 Reminds me of when Ralph destroyed the cake, from Wreck-it Ralph.
Pinocchio Pigs Wolf Mice and Gingerbread Man
A reference to Madagascar where Marty wants Alex to roar for the lemurs
Also, Madagascar is also DreamWorks property
Lol happy birthday to the crash😂😂😂😂
I love you daddey
Mmmmmm, I'm always loves those desserts like cakes, ice creams, cupcakes and some sweet pies^^
Where is arthur
Who thinks the poison apple is better than the candy apple
Bill and beverly is watching over you
Shrek: Weres the cake
Pig1: We ate the cake
Shrek: We need another cake
Pig1: We ate the other cake
Shrek: Are there any cupcakes
Pig1:We ate them to
Pig1:theres lolli pops
Pig2:I ate them
Pig1:What you didn't share
Pig2:You didn't share the
Shrek annoyed
Do the roar
We Need The Cake!!
Excuse me mr. Shrek could you do that ogre roar yours for my son he's your biggest fan.


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