Shrek Forever After: Party Scene

Shrek Forever After: Party Scene

Do the roar!
From Shrek Forever After on Netflix.
Best movie ever.
From Shrek Forever After on Netflix.
Similar to "Bedknobs & Broomsticks"
i love u daddy
Do a roar!!!! DO IT!!!!
1:34, 2:14
Pig 1: We had lollipops
I guess Hulk isn’t the only green creature with anger issues.
Donkey is such an annoying idiot. I don’t blame Shrek for being annoyed with him coming into his house every morning since Shrek and Fiona became parents. Donkey should know that it’s not polite to go into a friend/family members house every single day Family need time to themselves especially from other friends or family members.
Away a go, shrek
2:44 Reminds me of when Ralph destroyed the cake, from Wreck-it Ralph.
Pinocchio Pigs Wolf Mice and Gingerbread Man
A reference to Madagascar where Marty wants Alex to roar for the lemurs
Also, Madagascar is also DreamWorks property
Lol happy birthday to the crash😂😂😂😂

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