Shrek 4 Ending Scene [HD] 1080p

Shrek 4 Ending Scene [HD] 1080p

The music is beautiful...
Geez Fiona has bust
Poor rump... his one mistake, putting the clause in that stupid contract of his. A good contract makes sure no one can break it.
I have only seen the first one, I knew about the second and third one, I had no clue there was a fourth one, so here’s my questions: donkey has kids? Why was puss in boots fat? Who’s the annoying little brat that turned into shrek? But most importantly: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON
Any lore is good lore
Dad: Why you crying so damn loud?

Shrek baby, don't leave us!!
2:30 scream 2:33 Shrek roars 2:45 I ❤️ you, daddy! 🤣 3:00 that reminds me of warriors of virtue and back to the future trilogy reference of alternate universe.
This honestly made me tear up even though it was a happy ending :(. Thought it was too sad losing papa shrek ;_;
Their children reminds me of pears....

Love the Shrek series!!
bruh I’m so stoned rn & this is the most passionate thing I’ve ever seen
The ending Make me cry ♥ this is so beautiful, hear touching!
When my bff gets married I'm like
I cry everytime shrek gives felicia her doll and she's says thank you daddy that is so cute and I'm crying so hard 😭😭😭❤❤❤
Just remember even though shrek the third was shit it did make a great new sex game cause my girlfriend started calling me daddy like Rapunzel did with Prince charming
The ogre babies had me fucking creasing
Top 10 anime deaths
Get shrekt, lmao.
even though a meme, he is shrek
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