Shrek 2 Mission Impossible

Shrek 2 Mission Impossible

Wow, over 2 million views, I can't believe it. This video must be on many people's suggested views. I bet writers and animators had such fun with this scene. Thank you everyone for your view, comments and thank you Dreamworks for the suggestion to youtubers. FYI, I don't make any money from youtube or any other online mechanisms. Happy New Year 2019!
Adult humor I never got as kid until I watched as a (young) adult... LMAO!!!
Wow I’m barely watching the movie and I had to record the thong part 😂
0:33.."FIRE INZA HOOOOLE"!!!!!
"...They're briefs!" lol man animated films need to get back to this spirit...they used to be sooo they're generic and bland.
Ethan hunt....
0:33 making a huuuge fart in a nut shell
Me and everyone else in the theater couldn't stop laughing at this scene 😂
Что за песня.?
Ham get ze Luger...
I never realised how funny these movies were.
“You HAVE the right to remain silent, what you lack is the compacity!”
It’s a thong hahaha 😂🤣🤣
I love how the music climaxes right as he says he’s wearing ladies’ underwear
are not
are too
are not
are too 😂
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