Shrek 2 Mission Impossible

Shrek 2 Mission Impossible

I love how the music climaxes right as he says he’s wearing ladies’ underwear
are not
are too
are not
are too 😂
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100.
How did Pinocchio and the others get there really fast?
I've always loved this scene but somehow NEVER noticed that he has a tan line from the thong until now. They really thought of everything when the did this. Classic.
"Donkey you have the right to remain silent. What you lack is the capacity."
I'm watching this movie right now XD ITS A THONG
I'm sorry just.

You scared them off.
Okay here's a really good question. How on Earth did they get from Shrek's house to there?
This movie hasn’t aged a bit
Question: how did the fairy tape creatures get to far far away so fast?
Also how can they get to drury lane and back as well?
Sigh... in 2018 now, laughing at a man wearing "ladies' underwear" would be considered discrimination now.
Sexy Thong Pinnocio xD
I wonder why he was wearing them 🤭🧐🤥🤔
Don Lemon CNN.. lol
1:19 for it’s a thong
I remember seeing this in theater when I was like, 4 years old, and literally the whole audience was roaring in laughter at the underwear scene
It’s A THONG!!!
No, Their Briefs!!!

Don’t Matter, because Their PINK!!!

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