Shrek 2 - Knights

Shrek 2 - Knights

0:28 always made me laugh cause it went toatally over my head, and I didn’t understand what he said 😂😂😂
Them finding weed on puss n boots is priceless 😹😹😹😹
“... Catnip.”

“That’s, uh, not mine...”
This is fucking genius 😂
That's not mine...
Am I the only one who got all these references when I was a kid? (I was sadly raised in a white trash neighborhood for a while so all these made sense, plus my parents watched cops so yeah...)
Cat nip uuhhhh that’s not mine XD that stayed me
"You capitalists pig dogs"
0:31 Cat Nip
"Cat litter"
"uHhH that's not mine-"
Why does the big bad wolf still wear his grandma disguise?
0:24 "you capitalist pigs"
That's uh not mine
Lmfao, love the narrator.
Ogres lives matter
El mejor homenaje a Cops 👏👏
Favorite part DAS OH NO MINE

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