Shrek 2 - Knights

Shrek 2 - Knights

Lol police brutality, catnip, putting pepper in shreks eyes.
When is the next episode of KNIGHTS?

That’s uhh no mine
Catnip “that’s uhhh not mine” lmao
00:20 hau haau
00:40 hau hau
00:46 hau hau
lol i love the fact that puss said that is not mine is a nice touch
Balloons as police helicopters, a white Bronco like OJ Simpson's, pepper spray and "catnip" - all this went way over my head as a kid 😂
Comedy gold
Nigga puss smoking pack
Fuck the evil knight police
When I was a kid I didn't understand the references, now I do
"Sniff snift" catnip...
Oblivion guards in a nutshell
Might be my favorite scene in the whole series KILLS me every time!
0:30 drug reference
Far, Far Away Police Department, (F.F.A.P.D.)
KNIGHTS instead of COPS. 😂😂😂

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