Shrek 2: Game Walkthrough Part 6 - Jack and Jill's Farm - No Commentary Gameplay (Gamecube/Xbox/PS2)

Shrek 2: Game Walkthrough Part 6 - Jack and Jill's Farm - No Commentary Gameplay (Gamecube/Xbox/PS2)

You know a game is good when you wish it was longer Which is exactly how I feel about this game along with Jak 2 and sly 2 band of thieves. I know I’m not alone in this Whos with me
'Next time, I'll sit on ya' xD
Ah the haystack part got me hard! I hated it xd
this game is my everything
THE JOKES ON THIS GAME ARE CLEVERLY SAID. I can’t believe they went over my head when I was a kid.
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what about scrambled eggs snapshot
you can switch characters while playing chicken ho-down!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh the farm nice and calm after beating the demon cat
when the pig said 'poultry-giests' I bust a nut so hard my dick fell off
How do you do the boomerang I can only throw cookies?!?!?!?!
I use too have the game
Am the I only one who noticed that the dog played during gingys hero time is the devil went down to Georgia?
Anyone else do the glitch where you could jump into the chicken coups
This kills me 😭😭
i love this level because of the scenery and the music. It feels like you're in a real farm :D
Can't believe I skipped those hilarious story book dialogues >_> "Despite Jack's broken crown and a possible skull fracture..." God dammit young me for spam pressing X!
is this game available multiplayer?
awwwww one of my favorites levels😂😂😂😂
Oh boy Jack and Jill's Farm was my second favorite level. This is another one I liked because again you can choose what to do first and etc. I would love being Puss in this one. My favorite thing to do was Chicken Ho-Down where you had to make all the chickens fly away. Gingerbread's Hero Time was pretty hard though especially whenever you had to dodge tomatoes.

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