Shrek 2 (2004) - Final Battle

Shrek 2 (2004) - Final Battle

1:43 Cartoon Misandry. Well she is voiced by an actual misandrist
I love pressing number 7 on this XD
Princess Fiona looks so beautiful in that white dress and her eyes looks so gorgeous and beautiful.
Haaaaa 2:19
1:42 soooooo meeee hahahaha
I'm a real boy!!!!!!
Playing Keep Away with a magic wand. Puss was the cutest one with the wand.
Steel plate reflects the magic. Hey, whayaknow, steel does beat fairies!
Fary godmother:ogres dont live happily ever after the three little diablitos:meooooow
If Fiona had taken the love potion and fallen in love with Charming after the kiss, would she have stayed human?
I ' M   A   R E A L   B O Y !
No matter what in my opinion, Shrek 2 will alway's be my favorite film in the franchise. Especially at 2:09 were Harold sacrifices himself to save Shrek, that scene actually sends a message and tells you that good people or should I say friends, would risk there own life to save another friend who almost gets killed. That's why I alway's thought it was the best part of this scene!
1:42 Boumm Bitch 😂😂😂
Shrek 2 is just amazing and the best animated film to exist.
“I told you; ogres don’t live happily ever after!”
Who died and put Fairy Godmother the Queen of Fairy Tales?
Mommy haha!
00:40 im a real boy 😂

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