Show and Tell Gum Chewing Whisper: My Life and few Pictures

Show and Tell Gum Chewing Whisper: My Life and few Pictures

I loved this video especially with the pictures , you are very creative. I would love to see a video of all your pictures showing you and family at different ages. To me this is fascinating and gives the viewer a better picture ( no pun intended) of who you are. Very relaxing and helped my headache go away. Thank you so much , you are a sweetie.
what happened to your accent???
@actfray no problem hope you enjoyed it!
Love the gum-chewing. Thanks for sharing your pictures, too! :)
@hansol909 oh wow!!! california?? and hollywood! that is crazy! are you an actor or something? sorry hahahaha i always think hollywood equals acting :P excuse my ingnorance
@MrRandomnamepls hope you enjoy them!!
@whispersalt thank you for you're amazing comment :)
@thealmightyX hehehe :)
Nicole, you're so good at these videos. Your voice is really soothing and you do a great job of triggering ASMR. I'm really glad you've joined the community!

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