Should The Practice of Cutting Dogs' Tails and Cropping Ears End?

Should The Practice of Cutting Dogs' Tails and Cropping Ears End?

This is horrible!!! What if those judges parents decided to do that to them when they had no choice !! So unfair
I had a Doberman without being cropped and every winter his tail got frost bite and infected ant the ear flaps were constantly inflamed I will never NOT crop a Dobermans ears unless it is going to be a indoor house dog!!!
Tail docking is necessary in certain cases. If the tail prevents the dog from working safely such as hunting or herding then it's reasonable to want to prevent the dog from pain. If the dog has happy tail and it won't heal, the tail is often docked. HOWEVER it's pointless, and mutilating to dock the tail just because you think it looks nice or is tradition. And there is no excuse for ear cropping. Docking should be a medical procedure only applied when necessary and there is a very large difference between necessary medical procedure and forced body modification.
I never crop the ears. Just the tails because I have multiple children and I don’t want them getting smacked in the head by a big boxer tail
This should be stopped now 😑
2:06 dog "Then what the hell am I"
I have no problem whit it but would I do it?

It’s beeen banned in uk for decades
Malditos desgraciados qe maltratais los animales!hijos del diablo!
I feel like only hunting dogs should get docked that way when they get into a fight or something the other animal doesn’t grab onto so,ething
It should be banned, there is no mf need for tail docking and ear cropping, it’s hard for dogs who have docked tail and/or cropped ears to interact with other dogs that do have their floppy ears and long tails. Idk why do people get offended when they see a Rottweiler, Doberman, Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Boston Terrier with their tails undocked. If that’s the way the should be, they were born with a tail for a reason,
I think that as long as it is done by a professional and done in a humane way, then go right ahead.
Nooooo whyyy 😭😭😭
But yeah spaying and neutering dogs is okay
Yes yes yes yes
It's tradition get over it I bet most people complaint got a son and got him circumsized because of tradition.
Doesnt even hurt the dog lol
For some breeds it is actually beneficial to have cropped ears, tail docking I'm not a fan of but if you have a working dog cropped ears and docking is understandable.

People complain about these things being barbaric but I mean technically we still circumcise people.
You don't think we can't do that at the house

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