Should The Practice of Cutting Dogs' Tails and Cropping Ears End?

Should The Practice of Cutting Dogs' Tails and Cropping Ears End?

But I have an American bully
That's why its STANDARD for AKC. To much time on some people's hands!! SMH
More laws, less freedom!! Without ear cropping, might as well get a darn hound!!
Wow what a bunch of butthurt people...the people who crop their dogs ears love them just as much as you guys saying this is wrong yet it helps them with health...not sure about the tail tho I think that's stoopid but at the end people have their own opinion
2:15 💀
All dogs should have their tails docked...and cats too.
The look much better docked and cropped.
That’s MESSED up!
Animal Ka Kaan aur Kaan Kadapi Nahi kaatte Yah Nrishansata hai, Paishachik karya hai
🐕 Fighting Bhi Paishachik karya hai.
Animal Ka Breed Mix Kabhi Bhulkar bhi nahi kare Issey 🐕 ka Purity Khatm ho Jaata hai.
Nrishansata. Ko Rokne , Khatm karne ke liye kuch Vdoy Banaye 9002164934
Man wtf
Dont worry there gonna go to Hell to burn NO DONT GO TO ANGLES GO DOWN BURN TO DEATH
Its like spay or nuetering
I don't know why you crop the ears unless it is actually is going to be used as a police dog, so they don't get grabbed. I understand the tail, a boxer likes to wiggle it's tail, and it's like a whip on your leg, and the end of the tail hits everything and leaves blood all over the walls until it toughens up or the dog figures it out. This might take a year, but it's always like a whip.
0:59 pfft as if
A tradition for the best for their dog? I am sorry but they should not do that ,,, that’s cruel
Lmao. Imma crop The first Cropper I see. Peepee or titty.. its finna be gone.
Yupppppppppppppppppppp just stop
Tradition my ass

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