Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Shotcut - Tutorial part 15 - how to crop and zoom

Shotcut - Tutorial part 15 - how to crop and zoom

Sorry for the bad audio quality, will fix this for the next time.
thx dude a lot!
"It's basically showing a helicopter" - No mate, it IS showing a helicopter XD
any way of doing this without thouse black bars either side? Would be great if the took a leaf out of Photoshop and there was a literally a crop tool where you selected the section of video you wanted to keep, if is you had a video and someone on the left walked into frame and made faces, you could use the crop tool to cut them out of the left completely.
Thank u!
Thank you so much
Unfortunately, the CROP option is only available on still images. It's not there when I try to crop a video. That's frustrating. I'll continue my search for info and see if I can find out why I can't crop a video.
I have an updated version, and the center option doesn't seem to work on it either. Maybe we just haven't figured out how yet. Sure would be good if the makers of the software could give a tutorial lol
need one on combining crop, zoom for instagram!!
Why is it that there are millions of videos on Youtube but yet I can't find a helpful video on how to get rid of barriers in Shotcut? Well speaking of that do you know how to get rid of barriers because I've been trying to find a video of it but unfortunately it doesn't exist?
Thank you! :D
can it change a 4:3 aspect ratio with black bars to stretched?
how can i put video clip inside of an object through the whole duration of the video clip???
When I move it around it just stand still
Hey man just wanted to let you know the only thing worse than your audio quality is the fact that I had to go watch a different tutorial of yours for this one to make sense. JUST EXPLAIN HOW TO USE FILTERS AGAIN IT'S NOT THAT HARD.
The CENTER and CENTER BIAS only work for photos, not videos
You can also select the Rotation option, and adjust the Scale bar so that it zooms in.
I think sony vegas is way better than shotcut as it support keyframing
thanks! this was really helpfull

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