She's Ma Daisy

She's Ma Daisy

I named my vintage clothing store after her. Lol
She is gorgeous and sounds adorable when singing this!!
Wow - those gams!
It's ALMOST as good a word as plethora.
"a travesty," lolllll
That is her real voice. Also, while publicists at MGM liked to pin her as Irish..actually her heritage was Scottish. See interview with her in early 1980s here in You Tube. Part One..she talks about her background..and also that she and her grandfather were fans of Harry Lauder.
@plethora77 No, it wouldnt be. It would be nothing short of a travesty and a slap in the face to the director and all the others involved in the production of this masterpiece.
I love this routine. Greer Garson ....whew! How about when they all start dancing near the it.
wouldn't it be amazing to see them colourize this as they've done with It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol?
I believe its her real voice.
Don't you wish RANDOM HARVEST had been made in technicolor. Oh, to see Greer Garson's gorgeous red hair and her peaches and cream complexion..not to mention Ronald Colman! I love this lively clip. Looks like Greer is having a bang up time. And the Scots brogue is so charming! Ronnie and Greer..what a wonderful pair..without equal anywhere. Thanks for sharing.
i watch this movie yesterday it was sad and sweet
I love this movie so much - thanks for uploading this!
I have this movie on dvd and I watch it all the time... lovely!
Does anyone know if Greer Garson is actually singing, or if her voice is dubbed?
Thank you; this is a treat. :)
She does a great imitation of the great Sir Harry Lauder! Thanks for showing this clip.

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