Sharecropping Memories

Sharecropping Memories

terrorism in America
This makes me so angry.
This is sad
Share cropping was a Southern thing for whites and blacks. The South was destroyed during the Civil War ... Northerners came South opening up factories because of the cheap labor...
You keep crying about being slaves but yet you keep voting Democrat get your head out of your black ass
Mother fucker all whites men in the World this make me crie
Fuck these honkies! I hate white people.
lazy darkys
I don't care what people say this is a form of slavery. The whites weren't going to pick that cotton or work the land like the blacks did.
Man and the white people mad at me cause im laughing how the africans kicking them out of africa man yall deserve everything that coming yr way white people 🙁🙁🙁🙁😡
Is Mildred Fleming a live today? I tried to find her on FB etc..
Mildred Fleming you made me cry..for you to cry about something that you went through when you were a little .was very hard emotionally for you..and even to this hurts you to talk about it....I'm sorry..for you...I wish we lived close I would love to be friends with someone like you...your precious...
I just got off the phone with my mama. She said that she could pick 100lbs of cotton when she was 9 years old. I can't tell you how many different emotions that went through my body when she said that. She said there was one whole year when they didn't eat anything except for hominy (i think thats how its spelled.) the same stuff that they gave to the horses that was on the land.
In other words they were paid slaves
Bc of this I will do better ... God bless you for sharing rgis
GVille My Hometown
many didn’t have options a choice working in fields, farms hard labor those time I believe many African Americans in America still treated unfairly were hard times still is for many very sad see cries, pain gone though
Slavery never went away they just called it by another name.
Damn, when was this filmed 70’s or 80’s
My family also sharecropped... My Uncles talked about sharecropping..... All poor whites also sharecropped......not just blacks.....It was a way of life all over the South....and YES it was a form of Slavery and do not forget all whites also sharecropped.....unless they were rich or had a trade or lived in citys..... My Grandparents went though the same thing..... They sharecropped ,, hunted, and fished, raised Chickens, had a few cows and pigs...LOOK IT UP don't present it one sided..... My Grandma also drug a cotton sack.... We are white.

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