Sharecropping Memories

Sharecropping Memories

Hard times will soon return it's will be better now to adjust , because suffering does make you appreciate the little things 😐
Slavery didn’t end 😢
Educate our youth, so they understand the dynamics of their history and who they are: Black people wake up.
To all black people coming across this message...

THIS is hardship, THIS is when there was ACTUAL racism. As a black man, nothing pisses me off more than today's black youth. Here you have our ancestors who couldn't go to school unless it rained, so that'd be their excuse to not go outside and rather learn. But you have black kids nowadays, dropping out of schools, joining gangs, women having kids out of wedlock with the dad not even being around pass the first trimester, sagging your pants, wearing booty shorts with your stupid ass hair styles. But want to claim oppression??????? Want to claim racism????? Want to claim fucking privilege????????? The privilege that you have a home with food most likely, but these people when they were kids, had to STARVE to share morsels? Give these people who were actually affected just a slim of what you bastards have today.... Going on your high tech cell phones, using the internet saying the white man is the root of all your problems while this video showed STRONG black people, my people struggling to make sure people like me, people like YOU are seen as equals, and what do you do? You make a mockery of their sacrifices by either A) Saying their actual victim status plays second fiddle to your "victim" status or B) Doing to innocent white people what the evil white people did to them, and even worse, blaming white people of today for your failures because of the white people of yesterday. BLM, black panther movement, ghettos and hoodrats, The Root???? No different in my book than the KKK.
😥😥 Rest in Peace 😥
Greenville Mississippi to be exact
White mf better not tell me shit
This happens every day politicians just changed the name. Power is not relinquished easy a few will eat the rest will work so the few eats & live like Kings. greed yes your greed will be your downfall
I'm so grateful that I didn't have to struggle like this..young people today think they have it rough, but they honestly have it made..instead they are killing each other instead of trying to better's heartbreaking.
It wasn´t only the black Americans but after the war of aggression 1865 even most of the white Americans in the South were share croppers also.This was the answer the yankees had to keep slavery!
And these caravan saying they having a hard time in there country. Look at the proverty that the people going through right now here in America, and the people here feeling so bad for the Invaders, charity began at home and then spread abroad. Take care home first! Before U bring in more people to deplete the system, who never put a dime in, but draw out. The only reason why they want to enter the United States. When they were offered asylum in Mexico, they refused. if they were so poor and destituted and fearing for your life from gangs U would accept anywhere except going back. You wouldn't refuse food that is given to U, even throw it in the garbage can and complaining that the Mexican, is feeding them like pigs, ungrateful! So the ones that are in such pity for the caravan, look at these poor citizens in Mississippi,slums in New York, Alabama,Arkansas, lousiana, Missouri, and other poor cities.
I showed my mama this story and learned something new about her. My mama is 69 and she told me as a little girl she would pick 100 lbs of cotton. Then she would help her oldest sister pick her 100 lbs. I did not know about this until today December 1, 2018. What a mighty God we serve🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
I thought that voice sounded familiar, that’s cousin MC my family’s patriarch.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
You may not be where you would like to be... but thank God you are not where you use to be...I left the south for good in the 70s... never had any desire to move back... never realized until recently... my parents lived in poverty until they hurts me...I did send money to my mom when I could... but I wish now I would have done w/o more and sent more to them...I can't change the past...I was only recently able to lay the stones on their bothers me sometime but sometimes I smile too about the good times.
Sorry to tell you this,but white people were developers as well. Cover the whole story.
My Aunt who is 88 now was a sharecropper until she decided to move to the city for a better life. When she comes home to the country, she refuses to take the backroads which is safer for her. She will get on the interstate because she doesn’t want to see the fields. Painful memories. I’m telling you these were hard times for our people. We’ve come a long way but we have further to go.
They were slaves and did not know it. The same was applied to my mother and father. Slavery did not legally end in Mississippi until 2013.
For a good read and type in slave narritives
(((Who))) were the share choppers they owed..
I'm choked up because I know what my people went through then and now and it could happen anytime 😥😥😒😔

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