Sharecropping Memories

Sharecropping Memories

not all sharecroppers were black,lot's of white folk too,white kids coming home from school send in to the fields pickin' cotton till night,everyday
So sad.
Sheared tears!
May ADOS be paid the reparations that they are owed.....They deserve justice!
I’ve personally done this kind of work myself, though it was voluntary. Imagine having to do it from sun up to sundown with an overseer watching you or a thieving landowner stealing all the profits.
My grandmother mom was 1 of the best cotton pickers..I remember them goin to pick cotton....But God was with them...
And keep this in mind this experience that was exacted upon us was not something we did to our self's someone exacted this hardship upon US!. and we as Black people know who was responsible for the HARDSHIP.
By the 1920’s the majority of sharecroppers were white. In 1997 Georgia had almost 3,000 registered sharecroppers. My dad and mom (both white) grew up during the depression. They talked about going hungry for days. After the Civil War confederate money was worthless so people were cash poor. Land owners didn’t have money to pay workers and workers could not find anyone that could pay them. For a while sharecropping was better than nothing.
And don’t forget about schools closing when desegregation happened... their kids went to private while public schools were closed for a decade...
Thank you for telling your story.
If whites weren't so lazy they could do the work themselves.
My Grandparents, Dad, Aunt's and Uncles were sharrcroppers and they were white.
Stop acting as though blacks were the only ones.
In so many respects, we're still picking cotton. A return to God, higher learning, and unity is the formula for our salvation.
Sharecropping WASN'T a racial issue? It was just another form of slavery. After the crop was gathered and sold, the sharecropper frequently lied there was not enough money left over to pay for their living expenses for the year, so there was never an opportunity for them to improve their station or rise above working for the sharecropper just for their subsistence.
We need justice for our ancestors. We need justice for ever slain body hanging in the poplar tree.
My grandmother is 93 years old and she was a sharecropper. She said she worked hard and is suffering today. She has the worst AR throughout her entire body. I pray that one day she will not have to suffer anymore.
4:50 She's parents went to school around the cotton field work for $1.00 per day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m...Many poor white families in Missouri & Arkansas made their living in the cotton fields back then...they also were about 8 yrs. old when they started going to the fields with the adults...All money they made was given to their parents..they didn't get any of it..
They treat their animals better thanHow they treat black ppl. So So sad

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