Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Sharecropping Memories

Sharecropping Memories

This is so sad, it made me very emotional hearing this women's story.
This needs to be a mandatory film in the school system especially for children of African American ancestry to watch..... we are a proud people who years of abuse, disrespect, misuse, and the list goes on by white folks is a sin they will have to answer for on the other side....even today it is still present.....just a little more undercover....but with the orange man in the white house it's not so undercover now........Black people are the chosen people.....and white folks know it....
Reparations is due
The pain of working so hard for so little for so long and still go hungry....when she cried..I cried with her.....but I'm not supposed to feel hurt or pain about such a fundamental mistreatment of the poor?
Y'all need to find a loop hole in the law to file law suits
America owns black people lots of money and the government should be made to pay every single black person at least $500,000., for slave labour even when they have been freed. They should be made to pay for the lynching and cruelty dished out to the people who built the country. BLACKS.
My people are so strong, kind and blessed! It is so sad how we get treated all because of those other people mentally ill envy of our skin colour.
These tears and pain aren’t in vain it’s a mighty long haul but we r strong and resilient we survived it all then we will always be restored from oppression and everything that rises against us Respect Honor and Thanksgiving to Our All Almighty Creators Keepers Protecters Healers Providers and Our Ancestors I am Honored to be a Nubian
Fuck this life I wouldn't be strong enough for that life. I would've either killed myself or kill the slave owners. I would avenge everyone and give back what was rightfully theirs.
This is not a long time ago. Whites behave as though it was a long time ago, my granny is 102, but in the Caribbean they were free before the US and I feel like the black people / Judah in America , the people of praise, are still under much oppression. There are no one who can sing like Judah. I believe in my heart the whites are so blind , up this this day, they don't realise who they are oppressing. God will deal with that land with great fury.
The incredible strength of those amazing people!!!!! I sooooooo appreciate their sacrifices!!!!!
Plenty of white sharecroppers too. Not a color thing at all.
My grandfather, his siblings and his parents were sharecroppers. Reparations are not ONLY about slavery. There's a whole lot else we are rightfully owed.
I’m sorry to hear your story. My mother had similar stories that just made me cry too.
And how did "God" make a way?
This one just hit me directly in my heart..
Black people should never ASK for reparations it’s OWED to us. My great grandmother was a share cropper and I’m blessed to still be able to have conversations about this time in history. #ADOS
ADOS.. we are working to obtain justice in the form of reparations for You.. our beloved Ancestors❤️❤️and your descendants
The music genre called 'Blues" came from these people. Again the genre called "BLUES' was born out of the pain of Afro Americans living in the Jim Crow south.

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