Shaken Faith Syndrome- Michael Ash- Fair Mormon Podcast

Shaken Faith Syndrome- Michael Ash- Fair Mormon Podcast

I’ll read the book! Thank you for the work 😄
Great podcast . Love what is said at the end . Internet helps so much .
Peter wasn't perfect by any means. But the Lord was able to do mighty miracles. From Joseph Smith until Thomas S. Monson. The Lord has revealed the same pattern. He works with imperfect men, He teaches them, try them, but most importantly, prophets are witnesses of Christ.
What an amazing new set of mental gymnastic techniques. Spent so much time on the vault, this has opened my eyes to an entire floor routine of nonsensical fuckery.
For an interesting proposed translation of the Caractors document a free copy can be accessed at Also available there is a free intro to Brian Stubb's new book involving Egyptian and Semitic found in Uto-Aztecan.
Explaining something in a "faith building way" is just another way of saying "omitting facts and inserting lies." The entire church was built on this sort of faith building.  Anti-mormons are generally people with the facts and people who want to maintain their faith should certainly steer clear of facts.
I just wanted to say that this podcast was excellent in addressing some of the information out there about the church, as well as addressing attacks on the church. This is a problem that has effected, or will effect every member of the church in our day in some degree.
"Shaken Faith Syndrome" is an excellent book.  Everyone should have it in their library.

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